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DeviantInterview - 002 - diamondie

Mon Mar 21, 2005, 12:20 PM

:icondiamondie:Interview 002 - diamondie - 21th March 2005 (Monday)</sup>

First off, I just wanted to say thankyou for taking part and letting me interview you :D
thank you, I feel flattered that someone would like to interview me.

So why did you join deviantART?
I had heard of DeviantART before, but I always thought it wasn't a place for someone like me. I had seen some of the wallpapers and fantasy art, I didn't know the variety of categories at DA.
In February 2003 I read an interview of a DA artist in the Hugi diskmag and I thought that I should pay another look at the site. I discovered that there were galleries for prose and poetry and even for ASCII art, which is still my favourite genre of visual art. I didn't hesitate much, but joined straight away.

How long have you been a member for?
I've been a member for a bit over two years now, though I wish I had been a member for far longer.
Oh and I am 20 years old, turning 21 on the third of April. My avatar probably makes me look younger, that picture is from 2002.

So, do any of your friends use deviantart?
After I had joined DeviantART I have found out that many people I know have used DeviantART before I joined. None of them are very close friends, but it was a pleasant surprise to encounter them on DA, I didn't even know some of them were artists. I've also got many friends to join, but none of them are very active.
Of course I have also made a lot of new friends, from all over the world. Hopefully I'll be able to meet as many of them as possible.

Are you going to the deviantART summit?
I would really like to attend the DeviantART summit, but unfortunately it's quite a long way from here, since I live in Finland. I wouldn't mind travelling, but the cost is definitely an issue. I have my hopes up that we'll see a European edition held in the UK or perhaps Germany, as I could probably attend that. I have already visited some international "meetings" of other communities, one of which was in Germany.

Are they still active on deviantART?
Most of my friends aren't very active on DeviantART for one reason or another, but maybe it's because most members in general aren't that active - I use DA so much myself that I easily think of many people as inactive. Many of my friends are more active in other communities, such as the demoscene.

Have you, Or do you think you will take a break from deviantART?
I haven't really taken any breaks from DeviantART, it isn't my style. In late 2003 I had a sort of half break when I had so many other projects to concentrate on that I didn't have much time for DA, but it lasted only for a month of two and after that I was even more active than before. I don't think I'll ever totally leave DA unless something really changes for the worse.

So, where are you currently working?
I'm technically a freelance journalist by occupation, but in practice I've worked for the same magazine for 4.5 years now. It's a computer magazine and I'm mostly writing tutorials and answering readers' questions. It may sound boring, but it helped me hone my writing skills and taught me a lot about computers. And I earn my living with it, I'm definitely not complaining as being a journalist is what I always planned to become.

So what inspired you about becoming a journalist?
I always knew writing was going to become my day job since I learnt to write, so I've known what I want to do since I was just five years old. But I knew making your living by writing novels or poetry would be very difficult. When I was about 10 I just suddenly realized that I'm going to be a journalist - it felt so obvious, why hadn't I figured it out before.
Yes, I've always known what I want to do in life. I guess I'm very lucky at that. Though I've had many other dreams too, I wanted to be an actress for a very long while, probably almost a decade. Many people do both acting and writing. Since joining DA I've also dreamed about doing graphics for a living - without abandoning writing, of course.

So, I'm now going to talk to you about your gallery.

So what inspired you to make ASCII art?
I fell in love with ASCII art in 1997, when I started reading Usenet newsgroups. I was browsing through the group list and saw the name alt.ascii-art right in the beginning. I had heard of ASCII art before and liked what I had seen, so I started reading the group. Soon I was drawing my own ASCII pieces and started posting, as well.
<DiamonDie> So I've done ASCII art for over seven years now, using multiple programs, multiple styles and many different kinds of subjects. I should also mention that my ASCII art is all hand made, without using converters or anything like that.
<DiamonDie> I've had my ASCII pieces appear in two magazines, several computer programs and they were asked to be featured in a commercial movie, too. I'm not sure if they appeared in the movie in the end, but I was flattered to be asked.

Were you ever interested in the arts whilst you were at school?
I liked the drawing lessons we had, but I felt they concentrated too much on technical skill. I've never been good at drawing and I still don't think I am, so I often got mediocre grades, which was discouraging. I always liked drawing, but didn't feel like I was good enough. We also weren't taught much, the teacher just told us to do something and we did, without knowing if we succeeded.
I was in a high school focused on arts (mostly writing, media and theatre, not painting or drawing) for a year, but then I quit school in spite of my excellent grades. Studying isn't for me and I'm still too lazy to read tutorials, I'm stubborn enough to learn my mistakes - or at least I try to.

Whats you're favourite deviation, and what describes you the best?
I have a hard time picking a favourite out of my own work, I think most people have the same problem. The choice will probably be one of my written pieces, I'd perhaps say Letters from Norie. The poem Lady Gray would probably describe me the best.

what's your favourite deviation from another deviant?
There are over 10 million Deviations and I've seen at least 10,000 of them, so this is almost impossible to answer. I'll just pick one of my favourites from the insanely talented annat, current by annat

What are your plans for the future?
My future plans are one of the questions I don't like answering, not because I have a problem revealing them, but because the answer easily sounds very morbid. I don't have any kind of plans for the future, which is mostly because I have a physical disability, cfs (chronic fatigue syndrome) and I will not be able to have a real career in any field.

What would you like to see more of in the community?
I'm not going to say "more quality", because the quality is already there and you will find it if you look hard enough. I'd like to see more enthusiasm in the community, people who are willing to take things seriously. We need more feedback and communication and less whoring for stats and attention. I hope DeviantART doesn't become a generic community forgetting the "art" part.

What new features would you like to see here on deviantART?
There aren't many new features I'd like to see on DA. In fact most of those features have already seen the daylight in previous versions of DeviantART, especially DAv2. I'd like to see the report button for forum messages come back, pages for forums and some other things. I'd like to see the Typography gallery finally added, as it would also greatly decrease the amounts of miscategorizations in ASCII art.
and I want to see changes in the literature browsing system, but those changes are already underway.
Oh, and I'd definitely like to see the Critique Preferences utilized better, as I like giving critiques, but when I'm browsing I can't see the preference unless I view the piece.

anything you're like to ask yourself?
I'd like to ask myself what clubs or communities I'm a part of, as that would give me a chance to promote some great communities. I've been a member of critique me for almost two years now and we could use more good critics there. I also support suture and onewordatatime for their great writing advice and photo-class for excellent photography tutorials. I'm also an admin of deviant-contests, a listing of contests on DeviantART and elsewhere.

Thanks for taking my interview btw :)
Thanks to you, as well. I hope I didn't seem too pretentious or boring, I just tend to switch to my formal mode on occasions like this.

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I stopped doing them a long time ago.
However, I'm thinking about doign it again.
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