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Bionicle MOC: Dr. Octavian Von Arachnefar

By Matteo-T-I-F
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About the MOC
Dr. A is a MOC that I kind of both conceptualized long before I started building him, as well as being a spur-of-the-moment inspired build. The preconceptulized aspect of Dr. A was the Spider theme aspect, although ironically the inspiration behind the concept were parts I didn't even use on him(namely these parts 1, 2, 3). The second aspect of preconceptualization came from wanting to use the Kratta Jar(s) I have on a build, something I had done once before.

However, the spark of inspiration came to me after a failed attempt to use two of them as storage containers for a robot. While sitting around thinking of what I could do with one or all three I happened to look at my sorting Drawer for small plates which contained all my Pink 1x1 round plates(or dots for short) and realized that if I stuffed them into the jar and flipped it upside down it would look like a brain in a case/shell. And thus I started building what would become Dr. Arachnefar. Initially I was going to include the elements that inspired the "spider person build" but as I continued on with Dr. A's body I realized he was to mechanically and "clean" looking to have some dirty old tattered rags and stuff, even as a cloak. The parts just don't fit his style or Aesthetic. So either I'll just find some use for them, but more than likely I think I'll make him an elderly assistant or something who wears a cloak made from the plastic printed sail pieces and has the web as a kind of emblem on his chest.

Dr.A was also built for Junebot over on Flickr. A few additional photos as well as the ones posted here can be viewed individually in his Flickr Gallery.

One of the big inspirations for me while building Dr. A was Dr. Nefarious from the Ratchet and Clank series of games for the Playstation systems. In fact I often used reference photos of him to get similar proportions. This is mainly why Dr. A is so tall and skinny, though Dr. Nefarious is about as tall as Ratchet who isn't very tall at all compared to many of the other characters in the series(Though Dr. A's height becomes rectified sometime later :giggle:).
Dr. Octavian Von Arachnefar comes from "OCT" meaning eight, which spiders have eight legs and most often times eight eyes, though I wanted to avoid Octavius as that's Doc Oc's last name, Octavian is the Romanian version of Octavius. I threw a "Von" in there because it makes him sound more evil doctor-y, and "Arachnefar" is an amalgamation of "Arachnid" and "Nefarious." also just sounds cool :XD:

Overall I'm really happy with how he turned out. He's a little wobbly, but that's my own fault since I wanted him to be so flexible in the midsection.

I'm currently working on his bio. Its a bit of a tricky one for me to get straight. So that shall come soon along with more photos of the Minions. But what I can tell you is that Dr. A is a cyborg of some type, though he may be a totally artificial one so I think that would classify him as an android

Arachnefar isn't much of a fighter, if he has any particular strength or speed, it comes from his robotic body. Dr. A is much more inclined to let his minions do all the fighting themselves, right up until he absolutely has to. However, once he's forced in a position of combat, he's got quite an arsenal of weaponry and tricks up his sleeves(literally if he's wearing a robe). These include:
  • Dual arm-mounted "Venomissiles"

  • Web shooter located in his mouth

  • Projectile hands(one chained one is not due to the venomissiles)

  • Sharpened Bone Talons.

  • THE SubLIMEinator!!!
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Arachnafar(the chibi version).

He's a grumpy little fellow. Its tough being the EVILEST MASTER VILLAIN OF THE GALAXY *place evil laugh here*...when you're only 4 feet tall, and a foot and a half of that comes from your ginormous jarred brain head. XD I'm still working on his "full version" Every good video game-ish evil super villain genius needs a comical/ironic defeat at the end of the game, Arachnefar's is that he's eternally cursed to be stuck in this pint sized body. Even if he tries to swap out components of his robotic form hes zapped back into this one. I

After completing Dr. A Three days prior to posting, I thought that no evil super-genius is complete without his own minions to boss around, so I built him the three that I could with the only three Cordak Blasters that I have. The three units I built are:
  • The Spydurret Unit:
    These are Dr A's standard petrol units, the standard unit has larger legs to accommodate the large turret, but it can be equipped with smaller legs and lighter weaponry, or simply a camera or listening device to make for a compact spy bot that can infiltrate an enemy base unseen or simply be Dr. A's eyes and ears throughout his lair high up in the mountains of Romania in his techno-fortress/castle. These units are easy enough to kill or disable on their own, though they're almost never alone. Where there's one Spydurret unit there's at least two more you don't see.

  • The Heavy Spyderret Unit:
    The heavies are what petrol the yard and most of the exterior of Dr. A's Techno-Fortress. They can be found scouring the courtyards and main wall along with standard Spydurret units. These units are built with more armor and strength to accommodate larger ordinances than just the blasters that come standard on all Dr. Arachnefar Inc. Minion-bots. What they lack in the speed and climbing versatility of the standard units they more than make up for in hand-to-hand combat strength and firepower.

  • The Centurion Unit:
    These are perhaps the most dangerous and difficult to kill units in the Arachnefar Arsenal. Equipped with the standard turret for a head, it can deliver the same onslaught of blaster fire that the previous two units can, while running, jumping, rocket boosting and slicing its way through enemy defenses. These units are often accompanying Dr. Arachnefar himself, serve as his personal body guards and petrol the inner-sanctum of the Arachnefar Techno-Fortress where Dr. A is most likely to be. They are programmed with hundreds of thousands if not millions of attack protocols, making them efficient fighters in hand to hand combat. They're also equipped with the most effective sensor arrays so that nothing can sneak past them. The only real way to take these units down is by surprise, or by shear strength or fire power.
    These units are also the most variable types of units. The white one shown here is just a standard unit, but they can have different armor and weapons configurations according to the task they are assigned to. The Centurion is Dr. A's workhorse in the Arachnefar Minion-Bot Army.

I at one point had a fourth Cordak blaster, but it broke. When I can obtain another one I would like to make an aerial unit to petrol the skies around Dr. A's base.

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