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Let It Be

From my latest book of robot artwork, Transmissions 3, available here -

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I think what makes this image that much more believable is how the boy sized bot also has a small stature with the added weight. I can feel his loss.
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More human than human.
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Love the color and textures on this and the rest of your robot series. Any tips you can give on technique or brushes used?
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Take a look at my Cubebrush store ( ) which has some free downloads showing me painting. I think the texture comes from building up a variety of marks. There are some paid vidoes which give a bit more detail about my process too.
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Cool... Thank you! :)
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I know he's a robot......but would somebody PLEASE get my dude here another sadFeels 
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absolutely love your work
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Oh my, poor thing (
But still it's a cute illustration! There's so much expression in character himself - his eyes, his pose.
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At first I was like awww so cute, but then I realized he can't eat it :C
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Entertaining work
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Freakin' awesome!! Love your robot series, and this one is really great! :-)
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Great work with the coloring and metallic textures.
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♫ Whisper ♪ words of ♫ wisdom ♪.
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Damn it, somebody beat me to the joke. 
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Fabulous piece! The idea is very fun and cute, and the piece is rendered so well - I really like the contrast between the red metal and blue background. One for the portfolio, I think! :nod:
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