Emoticon Legend Revamp [Phase I: Part I]

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Alright. Here we go ladies and gentlemen...I want to get this revamp underway.

Here's Part I of Phase I. This is going to work in a very organized fashion. We have 487+ emoticons in the Legend and I am not going to be driven insane with this project becoming disorganized. To help with organization, I am splitting the Emoticon Legend into categories and sub-categories. From there, I will list emoticons in a table (as seen below). In the left column will be the official emoticon, and in the right column will be thumbs of revisions that you guys have. If you know of a revision or if you made one yourself, please post the link here in this journal. Then, my fellow judges and I will be going through and adding in the possible revisions to the right column. I will also be filling in emoticons that will be ineligible marked by a N/A. I will be marking some as ineligible for several reasons: 1) the emote will most likely be removed from the legend at some point in the future, 2) the emote is great as is, or 3) we have a hold on it for the time being. Therefore, if you see a N/A, please do not link a revision for it in this journal.
I will keep each journal up for around a week or so, then I will move onto the next category. Right now, I have around 11 journals lined up--yes this will take quite a bit of time and effort. Any comments that contain new (non-revised) emoticons will be ignored. Please do not make this more complicated by throwing tons of different emotes in the mix!--ones that aren't listed in this journal.

:star: UPDATE (10/29/06): PLEASE POST THE LINKS IN THIS FORMAT: [current emoticon] --> [new emoticon]. Author and other information isn't needed. I'm having trouble determining what emotes are supposed to be replacing which. Thanks! :star:

:star: UPDATE (11/6/06): Only a few more days for this part, please get your submissions in so we can move onto Part II! :star:

Rules and Tips:
-Emoticons with backgrounds will not be considered.
-You get brownie points if the new emoticon revision has the same canvas size as the old emoticon (then old instances of the emoticon will not be damaged when seen throughout the site)
-I will be giving the origional artist priority to improve their origional emote, as opposed to others revising it.
-There are no promises! --I can't make any guarantees of changes to certain emotes (I can always get overridden by "the higher powers").
-Keep an eye here for more rules as I think of them.

Everything make sense? I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with. So, without further adieu here is the first set of many emoticons...

Actions I

<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Current Emoticon</td><td>Possible Revision</td></tr><tr><td>:shh:</td><td> :shh v.2 by Gomotes</td></tr><tr><td>:pee:</td><td> :freeeeeedom...ohhhhhgodyes: by baby-alien91</td></tr><tr><td>:fart:</td><td> :fart: remake by arrioch</td></tr><tr><td>:boing:</td><td>N/A</td></tr><tr><td>:work:</td><td>:thumb42332361:</td></tr><tr><td>:wave:</td><td> :wave by Gomotes</td></tr><tr><td>:slap:</td><td></td></tr><tr><td>:shakefist:</td><td> :shakefistrevamped: by zacthetoad</td></tr><tr><td>:sarcasticclap:</td><td></td></tr><tr><td>:plotting:</td><td></td></tr><tr><td>:movingon:</td><td> :movingon: remake by arrioch</td></tr><tr><td>:meditation:</td><td></td></tr><tr><td>:evillaugh:</td><td> :evillaugh by Gomotes :evillaugh: remake by Lythero</td></tr><tr><td>:licking:</td><td> :licking by Gomotes</td></tr><tr><td>:blowkiss:</td><td> :blowkiss: - Revamp 3 by koffeeben :blowkiss: revision by Mrichston</td></tr><tr><td>:giggle:</td><td> :giggle: replacement by Wintheeer:thumb44598988: :giggle: Revision by NyssaDuck</td></tr><tr><td>:juggle:</td><td> :juggling: by zacthetoad</td></tr><tr><td>:paranoid:</td><td> :paranoid: remake by Lythero</td></tr><tr><td>:whisper:</td><td>:thumb43090554:</td></tr><tr><td>:floating:</td><td></td></tr><tr><td>:sneeze:</td><td> :sneeze: redesign by Chimpantalones</td></tr><tr><td>:hump:</td><td>

Mature Content

:MSN leg hump: by Awesomealexis1
:hump by Gomotes</td></tr><tr><td>:no:</td><td> :no: replacement by Wintheeer :no: revamped by Bad-Blood</td></tr><tr><td>:smooch:</td><td> :smooch: remake by darkmoon3636</td></tr><tr><td>:bounce:</td><td> :bounce: revamped by GuyFlash</td></tr><tr><td>:picknose:</td><td> :picknose by Gomotes</td></tr><tr><td>:matrixfight:</td><td>N/A</td></tr><tr><td>:salute:</td><td></td></tr><tr><td>:boo:</td><td> :tomato: by Unmentionables</td></tr><tr><td>:bump:</td><td>N/A</td></tr><tr><td>:sprint:</td><td> :sprint: remake by arrioch</td></tr><tr><td>:boogie:</td><td> :boogie: Revised by LeoLeonardo</td></tr><tr><td>:dance:</td><td> :dance: v2 and a bit by peskaa</td></tr><tr><td>:chew:</td><td> --Emoticon--Chew-- by di0xygen Chew Revamp by Bologna :chew:  revamp'd by Bad-Blood</td></tr><tr><td>:yawn:</td><td></td></tr><tr><td>:bonk:</td><td> :bonk: remake by arrioch</td></tr><tr><td>:finger:</td><td></td></tr><tr><td>:faint:</td><td> :faint: remake by arrioch</td></tr><tr><td>:rofl:</td><td> :rofl: redesign by Chimpantalones</td></tr><tr><td>:sing:</td><td> :sing: by darkmoon3636</td></tr><tr><td>:relax:</td><td>:thumb42614062:</td></tr><tr><td>:cries:</td><td> :cries by Gomotes</td></tr><tr><td>:moon:</td><td> :moon: redesign by Chimpantalones</td></tr><tr><td>:shrug:</td><td>:thumb33698442:</td></tr><tr><td>:worship:</td><td> :worship: remake by arrioch</td></tr><tr><td>:idea:</td><td>:thumb32536550::thumb41071193: :idea: remake by Lythero</td></tr><tr><td>:spin:</td><td>N/A</td></tr><tr><td>:hug:</td><td> Hug emoticon - v2 by hprince329</td></tr><tr><td>:ignore:</td><td> :ignore: redesigned by Invader-Zero</td></tr><table>


Also, come join us in #EmoteRevamp for some good quality emoticon discussions and feedback.
In addition, I'll be around to answer any questions you have about this project.

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nothing was changed..
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
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From here which ( in my opinion) could stay as they are, would be:












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:slap: - this turned out great! [link]
NewYorkKid618's avatar
How about jester?
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very cool, most of them are awesome.
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Great revamps!

I made a revamp for: :no:

Dunno if you are still accepting them but here it is: [link]

Also I made a revamp for :backstab: if you are going to do that. Its at: [link]

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:slap: -> [link]
:plotting: ->

I had that 2nd emote in wrong journal before, so I link it here in right journal.
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I wish that boing one was revisable.
I have one that would sort of work.
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:dance: -> [link]

I know original artist updated his emote, but this is enough different I think.
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Im glad there getting revamped. DA is getting sent into the future.
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:) does N/A mean that they will be deleted all together,or just nobody has made a revamp yet :?
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Most likely deleted
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ah i see.too bad the "boin"one has to go D:
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That one is staying. It doesnt need a remake. :)
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So you're getting rid of the racist :spin: emoticon?
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How many other deviants brought that up?
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