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Published: March 7, 2012
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:iconthesmallwonder: Some thoughts from Katie (thesmallwonder)

“See a penny pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck!”

It doesn’t matter that I’m not a little kid, I still pick up pennies for luck when I see them. Though they have to be heads-up, of course. I also refuse to walk under ladders, I don’t open umbrellas indoors, and I try my best to avoid cracks in the sidewalk. It might be silly superstition, or maybe there’s something more to it.

What ever you believe, cultures and countries around the world and throughout time have decided that different symbols, animals, and events represent good luck.

Check out some of our favorite signs of good luck below!

Cricket by My-AliasI want to hear from you!
How did these symbols get their meaning?
Do you believe in good luck and bad luck?
What symbols represents good luck to you?
Share your thoughts in the comments below!

:thumb35549219: Lucky Clover Pendant Necklace by Om-Society Four leaf clover by Ganox Clover by AMechanicalMind CloverLuck is
What I make of it
While superstition
Guides my hand
I like to think
I make my own luck
But if the Fates weave their own pattern
Am I nothing
But another stitch?
And so I hold
My four-leaf clover
A little stroke of luck
Brought it to me
And so I have it
To keep me sane
To deceive me
To reassure me
To convince me
I have some control
CloverThree-leaf clovers are common,
Four-leaf clovers not so much,
But does the abundance of them really matter,
Some people are happy with a three-leaf clover,
The clover makes them happy because they love it,
Others are greedy and throw the three-leaf clovers aside,
Looking only for the four-leaf clovers,
The ones tossed aside are undesired and therefore exiled,
By even the most contempt of people,
But there is always the one person,
Who will pick up the beaten and tattered clover,
And he will see not an outcast,
But he will,
C Lover
Clover by crestmultimeadia Four Leaf Clover... by MPtribe:thumb165368295::thumb24870875: yotsuba no CloVeR by LanWu clover by maria-chan her clover cosmos by Lucem Luck by dragoncaretaker92 four leaf clover by sewer-pancake
Crickets by morielfeanorwen Exotic Crickets by farfullo The Cricket and the Ant by Red-Clover:thumb128409731: Cricket Revolution by whiteflyinglizard:thumb121709281: Lucky Crickets by LuckyOldDawg pink cricket two by seanmetcalf: Jiminy Cricket by PiaBobacka Just not Cricket by danevilparker CricketsWith sounds of crickets playing,
The end of day has come.
The moon that shines so bright,
She is my only guide.
Now is the time of darkness,
The time to reflect upon the mind,
To see the minds reflection,
Like the moon reflects the sun,
The source of boundless light.
May calmness come to all,
Like the calmness of the night,
Which is peaceful and quiet.
Except for crickets playing.
crickets by glopishloub
:thumb72881575: Rainbow in the sky by Emmahag Life like pouring Rainbow by hakumo Rainbow by ChrissieCool Rainbow by Sakonige Kawaii Rainbow Chibi Clay Charm by FatCatCharms: Rainbow by ColeBrandt Two rainbows by MrFotkerman Rainbows by vladstudio Rainbow in Prague II by IsacGoulart Rainbow by Madame-Mustachio R A I N B O W by bleachbestfangirl The Rainbows by Keltu To your ocean eyes. by applesrevenge
:t dragonfly. by Le-Voyageur Dragonfly by Karl-B Steampunk dragonfly by hardwidge Dragonfly by everlynblueberry Dragonfly by Delinlea Dragonfly Secrets by PhantomNayru A Dragonfly Dream by lordeeas Dragonfly: back shoulder by zradkins:thumb96175114: Dragonfly by shuttermonkey:thumb216558117: Dragonfly on Driftwood II by theforgery Dragonfly Gift by zyphryus Dragonfly by meganima
Klimt's Bunny by nienor Rabbit by eat01234 The White Rabbit by jb0xtchi Outerspace Rabbit by sebreg Year of the Metal Rabbit by WeirdWondrous Yves-The white rabbit by Misandrie Rabbit's stuffed animal by hikarishimoda Rabbit hop hop by Doroty86 Oh my ears and whiskers ::10 by Cvy With rabbit by YaraKlaproos:thumb78720094: Follow me. Said the Rabbit. by MoogleGurl White Rabbit mask by Spiked-Fox rabbit,cats and caca by cuson Okami themed rabbit by LonelyFishy
Shooting Stars
A Shooting Star for You by IngridTan Shooting Star by RipFire12901 Falling Down by Skaterchick18:thumb118725813: Shooting StarShooting star
What luck is this, that I see
Surely, a vain wish
Shooting star.The glass made a tinkling sound.
As it fell to the ground.
The stars twinkled.
Innocent and beautiful.
All of a sudden.
They seemed to jump with happyness.
And send one single one.
Shooting down to earth.
It lay in the earth.
Laying there smoking.
A ghostly rage filled it.
As it stared at its own above it.
And it cursed to its own.
Up in that inky blackness.
Shooting Star by Xxhot-mindsxX85:thumb194221603: Shooting Star by MaryDoodles First shooting star by pod-tanwen Jupiter and Shooting Star by huxley75 shooting stars by yakkingyetis Shooting Star by ellensama A shooting star. by 7thTank

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love the kind of things here
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Acidburn713Hobbyist General Artist
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TeddiiiHobbyist Writer
Oh god yes!
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yeah ,believe in good luck n bad luck. luck is 4-leaf clovers n shooting star in viet nam too
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seamuspotterStudent Interface Designer
Amazing art!

deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
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Hm. Fourleaf clover is most definitely lucky, or associated with such, partly because it is so rare.
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blaze-faerieStudent Artist
I love four leaves clovers although i have never found one myself. I associate four leaves clover as a good luck thing. hope to find one someday :D
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sage2434Professional Digital Artist
i dont know how these sybols got there meaning....
i do sort of believe in good luck and bad luck but i also beleive that there's someone up above who can CHOSE wether to strike you with a lightning bolt or not ...
the number 7 is my good luck charm and if i see anything that adds up to 7 i go crazy . but alot of bad things have happened accurring with the number 7 thats why my back up good luck charm is an owl or the color red ... but thoseare practicly just my favorite things so *shrugs *
sage2434's avatar
sage2434Professional Digital Artist
every picture i saw i fainted :faint::iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3:
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SaTaNiAHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice pick up !
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icenectarHobbyist General Artist
Nice selection!
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dw817Hobbyist General Artist
4-Leaf Clovers are lucky simply because we believe they are.
FatCatCharms's avatar
FatCatCharmsHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh my goodness, thank you so, so, so much for the feature! This really means a lot to me! :happybounce: There are some really amazing and beautiful features here. :meow:
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You're welcome! I was super excited when I saw your charm!
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DarkLordsDaughterHobbyist General Artist
I don't believe in luck.
Luck is a human concept that just really means chance. People have this word luck to represent the hope of winning the odds, but nothing ever alters them except (of course) cheating.

The hunt for bringing down luck on you and your house through the use of charms or other rituals can consume people's lives.
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1w1wHobbyist General Artist
How did these symbols get their meaning?
Symbol of Shooting Stars:
In some ancient cultures, shooting stars were thought to be the souls of those who had died about to be reborn.
Symbol of the Cricket: In ancient Chinese folktale, if you have a cricket on your hearth, it means good luck to your family.

Do you believe in good luck and bad luck?
I do believe to a degree in good and bad luck, but, I mainly let the forces of the universe and my own actions dictate my future.
What symbols represents good luck to you?
The cardinal is a symbol of good luck to me because in Chinese mythology, red is a very lucky color, and since the bird is a year round bird my area, it shows how the bird has luck on its side to withstand the harsh elements of mother nature during the seasons.
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BienichuHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice Artworks *-*
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ManishaChanHobbyist General Artist
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I pick up pennies too! :D Shamrocks are supposedly lucky cuz of their rarity, and there was something about the luckiness of crickets in Mulan. I think rainbows probably have the same reasoning behind them as shamrocks. Idk about rabbits and dragonflies though. :shrug:
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101dewdropHobbyist General Artist
The only two I know are 4 leaf clovers for good luck and you wish on shooting stars. Oh and you say "I hate white white rabbits" three times if your around a campfire and the smoke will move away from you
sidd-says-gimme's avatar
I especially love the rabbit ones. <3
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VampireHeart518Hobbyist Photographer
And if there are certain ''elements'' that to some people bring any kind of good luck or good fortune, it's because of their confidence in them.
You can chose to be 'lucky' simply because. Without clinging to other symbols, events, you-name-it.
But sometimes, the road is long...
VampireHeart518's avatar
VampireHeart518Hobbyist Photographer
I think that you don't *really* believe in those things because you're afraid that something bad would happen to you. I think that you chose to believe in those superstition just for the magic, just to have a little more to believe in...

I think that, when superstitions come true, it's because the only people who say that they're true, are the ones who actually believe in them. Point is, whatever you chose to believe in, that will be the truth. You can make up your own superstitions. Or you can chose not to be dependant on anything, and see beyond this.

You'll never really know until you try. :)
The power is yours.
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