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Happy Birthday Emote

I think this would be pretty useful, especially to ~birthdays

I did the text pixel by pixel. It took a while.

--Frames: 6
--88 px wide x 31 px high
--23 colors
--0.9 seconds

Full view to be rid of the shadow
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Can I use it?!
please!! :iconbegplz:
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Awwww... I really like it, but like christmas lights it affects my photosensitivity. I would love it if it had less flashy contrast. Just a health thing, not a critique.

Deviantart needs a Happy Birthday emoticon.
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:O_o: what the----- i can't see anything >_>
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I must say, I disagree with ~tin-can-man - the bounciness and colours are all part of that birthday charm ;) Good work! *:+fav:*
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:excited: :cake: Happy Birthday!!! :cake: :excited:
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the little person on the left is very well done, i like the expression and his party hat.
The confetti type stuff flying around is cool too.
The only thing thats offputting is the colours that the words 'happy birthday' have. Also, it jumps around, which i dont like.
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it's lovely!! it'd be very useful!
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Can this be added to the emoticon list?
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Indeed it'd be really useful! ^_^ lol.. I could use it on myself on Saturday.. yay! ;D :+fav:
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When can we have it??? :cries: It's so cute!
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Oh yes that would be great to have for deviant birthdays :nod: Wonderful work especially in the color changes and confetti =)
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very cute =) i'd love to use it.
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yay I like this
it's all bright and colourful... and MOVING!!
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very cool idea, would be useful
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ya know what, we should definately have this :) its exciting, colorful, and much more space efficiant than a bunch of cakes and balloon emotes :D great job
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Haha, very nice. I love the colours! ^__^
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Cool, good job!!!
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