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This was a fun piece to do. I see these always come on TV. They narrate something like "Courage, my anti-drug." And courage would be in place of 'deviantART.' That font that writes out 'deviantART' is my own. :giggle:

I figured some person might want to scare their parents by having this as their desktop wallpaper.

Thanks for looking. :)

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That's really awesome, plain and simple, but still awesome
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My Anti-Drug
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def going to be a desktop for me, maybe even a t-shirt....
:D :D
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this is fun....good stuff. :D DA is mos def an obsession of mine.
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:giggle: that's hilarious.
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wow, what a kewl idea! lol, definately going on my desktop.^_^ good work!
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Ha ha, pretty original piece. It looks exactly like the commercials on TV... hey, why not sell it to them and get deviantART and you a little free airtime. ;)
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I tried to leave a comment on your userpage but it didn't want to work but thanks again so much for letting my use your picture. I gave you credit in every one of them.

[link] My Anti - Drug One
[link] My Anti - Drug Two
[link] My Anti - Drug Three
[link] My Anti - Drug(s) Complete
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Can I use this picture because I asked you before if I could use it and I wanted to ask you again to be sure you know that I asked? I will give you the credit and put your link on my comment:D
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If you give credit where credit is due, yes.
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Thank you so much. I'll give you a note or a comment on your userpage about it to show you what I have done.
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OMG thats so great!!! HAHAHAHA! :+fav: for sure!
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Woww..thiss is a wicked idea mann.. i really like itt..but its true deviantart is kind of an antidrug...whether its how long u actually spend on DA or if its u working on artt to submit to da..
Great stuff man
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:w00t!: AWESOME!!! my antriidrug= dance.... ballet, tap, jazz, modern.. all of that... very good work!
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lol yay! that's a neat idea
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Thats so true, man.
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Lol neat idea Matt :) I love the font that deviantart is written in :)
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Hey I can't comment this because I don't know the commercial... :) maybe you explain it for me. ;)
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Ah well the commercial is just like the image only it has like 'courage' or 'friends' in the place of 'deviantART'.
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aha thank you...
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haha, im not putting it as my wallpaper but good idea.

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