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Coloured version of my earlier superman sketch

Done as a master copy/reference from Superman Earth One by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis

I've never really gotten into superman, but I bought this comic just cause of the awesome cover (lol) and really like the art style inside it!

This is also the first painting done on my Intuos 5, woo!
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Excellent work! Superman: Earth One is one of the best Superman books out there.
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it would be cool if they did a animated movie on superman earth one
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I'd watch the shit out of it if they did ^^
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This is so beautiful! Very good composition!
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Thank you very much :) It was referenced from the comic superman earth one, so I can't take all the credit haha
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This is my sisters' favorite super hero.
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he's a pretty cool super hero haha, mine's Invincible
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i have not seen super man but this is awesome sweet job ;p
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Thanks :D I have one of the comics that I bought spur of the moment cause it had an awesome cover, aside from that I've never really seen much of superman either xD
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aw no probs and yeah wen ya get inspiration ya just have it draw it...i have drawn many thngs in the spur of the moment, yeah im not big on super heros. but its realy good :D it looks like its outa a comic ^^
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Haha thanks! one day hopefully I'll make my own comics ^^. I wasn't really either until recently, you should totally read Invincible by Image comics, its easily one of if not THE best comic I've ever read, including manga!
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lol no problems and i would get it but theres no comic shops at all here ;n; the closest ones 5 hr away if you make comics i will read them, the only comic thing i have is manga and an old disney one from like 100 yrs ago lol
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I have one small one that I made for a uni assignment here [link] its only like 8 pages haha.

I buy most of my comics from amazon or just get them out from the library xD
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Thanks man haha, what're you up to these days?
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Thank you very much :)
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wow this is so kool :D
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Haha thank you so much :D
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