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Inspiration 500mg

A wonder drug for anyone with artist's block!

Maya7, Photoshop CS
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ArtByCher's avatar
GREAT concept!!! :clap:
ani7cat's avatar
Inspiration is one thing not lacking in talent and you too ... I loved their jobs. I'm your fan!
JWiesner's avatar
Quite expensive, but surely worth it! :D
Alix-art's avatar
Those pills are expensive! But probably worth it ! :D Maybe you should really make em...seems like placebo effects also work ;)
MattCarter's avatar
I want these pills too!!!
But I wish I had made the accompanying pills "Talent 1000mg" lol =D
RealmKnight's avatar
Great concept! 167 pounds per bottle is expensive stuff though
MattCarter's avatar
expensive but worth it.... =D
Ingerin's avatar
Brilliant idea !
Did you get one of this pills before making this ? :P
MattCarter's avatar
hehe, the actual inspiration for this was being un-inspired, lol, ironic ;-)
nemezees's avatar

this is great... great idea...

btw what happens when you overdose ? :D
MattCarter's avatar
You become mozart briefy, then die knowing the secrets of the world in awe of its beauty =D
gimme that! you forgot about the price and how to buy it. i need it!
8Hazel8's avatar
hehe, i need alot of that.
xLindzKissesx's avatar
Oh dear - such a sad thing when someone feels they need to resort to drugs for help =P
Hebejebelus's avatar
Nice. I love simple-ish scenes that work really well. But whenever I try a simple scene, I always want things like a table and a background and then I'm left with a huge scene. I should do more 3D work, actually.... You've inspired me.
MattCarter's avatar
I'm glad you've been inspired by it, it's nice to hear that from a fellow artist. Thanks :aww:
substar's avatar
Ooooooowh, I'll be wanting lots of those :lol:

Nicely done. You have an interesting gallery here with lots of varied work :thumbsup:
MattCarter's avatar
Thanks, very kind of you to say so :aww:

And yeah, I want some too! =D
substar's avatar
Well, you're the one who's got the bottle ;-)
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