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Hey all. For anyone still interested in buying my work, I had to change site and now have a Society 6 store here:

I feel like an explanation is due. I haven't been drawing as I have been writing. I love making crazy mash-up deviations and am very grateful for every single like and comment I have received, but my greatest passion is writing.

I just sold my first article, which will be published this weekend (I'll put the link up when it's there) and I'm looking for an agent/publisher to represent my children's books (of which I have written 7!).

There will be more designs on here, I promise you. But, it might be later, rather than sooner. I'll work out a better balance between the two at some point.

I've started uploading deviations again for the first time in a long time. So, why the break? Well, a few things have happened since I was regularly drawing. As in A LOT.

For instance, I got married.

And, the same weekend, in a strange case of cosmic convergence, Robert Downey Jr shared one of my deviations on his Facebook page. Don't believe me? Try here:…

Crazy, right?

Also, my wife is eight months pregnant with our soon-to-be first child. That's right, I, the guy who brought you such mature offerings as: "Peppa Potts"… "Death Monstar"… and "Jabba the Fett"… is going to be a father.

Oh, boy.
My 'Alternative Androids Logos' was chosen as a Daily Deviation on Saturday (January 19th)! Just want to say a great big thanks to everyone who has commented or faved on my work, the response has been overwhelming to say the least!

Just FYI: my designs are available from my online T-shirt stores here:

Red Bubble:…

You can follow my store on Facebook:…

Or check out my Tumblr blog, 'A Study in Geek':

Thanks again guys!

I just noticed that I've passed the 500 deviation mark (most of which are actually pretty good!) and wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has faved, commented or followed my work over the last few years.

Here's to the next 500!
I've just had my mathematics series of T-shirt designs picked to go on a really cool art website! Take a look here:…

If you want to buy any of them go here:

A couple of friends and I have been working out a little online shop. It's called Kid Raar and you can find it over at

We're still working out how you can purchase our stuff, but go and take a look at our T-shirt designs and let us know what you think. I'm going to add some designs on DA too so keep those eyes peeled.

Yeah... I live in Milan now! Sorry not to really explain that one before i left. Hope you're all peachy and I'm lovin' the work that you've all been producing in my absence!
This was a wee story that I wrote and illustrated for my lady to try and cheer her up at work. She was always depressed as she works downstairs and, well, there are mice. The reality of being a lawyer seems very different from the image I had in my head before I met her! I'm not sure if it worked, or maybe it did work but then I've depressed her more. Anyways, here is the story in order:

Page 1:…
Page 2:…
Page 3:…
Page 4:…
Page 5:…
Page 6:…
Page 7:…

For Jaclyn.
It's official: the comic is done and the Pilot Issue is on sale.

If you're in Aberdeen over the next week, head round to the Gray's School of Art Degree Show and see what all of the fuss is about (and why I haven't slept for the last month!)

If you can't make it, don't fret. Our issue will be on sale in Asylum Comics & Games in Aberdeen and in 1up Games in Edinburgh within the next week or so.

On behalf of myself and Phil: enjoy!
First off the bat, sorry to everyone for being so anti-social of late. I had my third year hand-in this morning though, so expect more chat and the vague possibility of me actually turning up to a Sketchjam... stranger things have happened.

So why have i been a total recluse? Well, since we last spoke I have pretty much designed two websites. BOOYAH! The first one will be an online portfolio for myself and will see the light of day some time during the summer. The second one shall be hitting the web very very soon and will introduce the planet to Zero Point.

A collaboration with my good friend Phil, Welcome to Zero Point tells the story of five very unlucky cats: Stripes, Chic, Mynx, Jasmine and Ren. Sent to watch over Zero Point by a military that wouldn't trust them with opening an already open sardines can, they come to the conclusion that The Point pretty much looks after itself.

I will be uploading a number of designs for you all to take a look at as we progress. Let us know what you think!
Im going to speak my mind here, so this won't take long:

This is my Third year in Aberdeen studying visual communication (aka vis com) and it is going to be my last. beaurocratic nonsense has seen my entire education thrown down the toilet. In brief: we have been moved into a basement level of the architecture building, with no natural light (there is a building site directly outside our windows) to make way for a fashion course. N.B. our old room in Gray's is still lying empty. Yay beaurocracy!

This is also my sixth year in a row studying. I feel old, "like butter spread across too much bread." So. The Plan. I intend to complete this year at uni (and pass), then it's a case of earning pennies during the summer so that i can hopefully get the hell out of here for a long, long time. i don't know where yet, all i know is that i want to get out of scotland for a while. Don't get me wrong, i love the old place. But there has to be more to see. And i need to go and see it.

So basically, if i am in fourth year vis com this time next year, still studying in aberdeen: kill me.

That is all.
Since I have FINALLY handed in my uni work for the summer, it has given me time to produce more random guff for your perusal. Im going to put up some of the uni stuff when i get it back, but for now you shall just have to content yourself with some t shirt designs I've had in my head for a while but which now exist for the rest of the planet to (hopefully) laugh at.

I went to the Pixar exhibition again yesterday and did 9 drawings in 6 hours (is that good or bad?) Im officially in love. Although I was supposed to have a western stop-motion animation up long before now (it's too big a file or something) I am going to put up yesterday's homage to my beloved Pixar instead.

I shall keep trying to add my animation as well... maybe wednesday?
wow, havent updated this in an age. so, im doing an animation right now with my good friend martin (who REALLY needs to update his page btw). its stop motion and its fun. basically we were given 40 seconds of a song to make an animation to. think its the gypsy kings. anyhoo, made us think of mexico so we decided to do a high noon-style shootout. goin to add stills when i get them: enjoy.
so it's february...and i havent added any new art this year...ummm, sorry? here's a couple of things i've done in the last couple of days...wish i could say there was more to show ya, but there aint...argh.
Okay, so I feel that I should explain why I've submitted so  much insanely random stuff lately. Well basically we have been given an illustration project to do with gloves, specifically trying to make people wear gloves at work to protect their hands. As my brain works differently from most people (if not all) I immediately thought of 3 celebrities that wear gloves: mickey mouse, mario and sonic. And since I'm kinda evil (and watch waaaaaaay too much Family Guy) some of the drawings I have produced have been..."subversive." I can't wait to see what the tutors make of it all...
I have done no course work over the last week as i was finishing (and starting) my submission for the A6 exhibition that the Peacock gallery is doing up here. u can look and laugh at my stuff on the left as i just scanned them. feel free to rip the piss

didnt take me too long to do each 1, but im only really happy with the sin city 1...ish. hate the background but im outta time. at least it looks like bruce willis...ish.

just felt like drawing travis bickle from taxi driver then i ended up drawing more people with guns. so ive given them a really pretentious name: "The Glorification of Guns in American Cinema." lol.

i suck.
so ive just about recovered from the Weekend from Hell. worked 23 hours at vue cinema(eww) inbetween drawing my final design for that renaissance poster comp. all i needed to do saturday night was block in some areas in black on photoshop. could i do it? could i fook. stayed up til 6 in the morning and the bloody thing hasnt changed a bit. gutted. all in all: photoshop sucks.
okay, i think i should explain why iv put up a lot of sketchy drawings. basically, we dont got internet in the house yet so im having to walk to college (45 minutes!) to do so. turns out, the library doesn't open til 1 on a saturday...i got here at 11. luckily it aint raining so i camped outside and started doodlin. the current randomness is the result. i apologise in advance.