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January 19, 2013
Alternative Android Logos by ~mattcantdraw
Featured by princepal
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Alternative Android Logos

Last deviation for 2012: alternative logos that Google could have used… though I imagine there would have been some copyright issues.

Happy New Year everyone!

UPDATE: Complete surprise: this was chosen as a Daily Deviation yesterday! Thanks to all those who have faved or commented, the response has been overwhelming! Sorry if I don't reply to you, there's just been too many to reply to, so I'll just say thank you to all now. THANK YOU!!!

The Alternative Androids are:

Bender, C-3PO, R2-D2, Robocop
Rosie (The Jetsons), Cyberman, Dalek, B-9 (Lost in Space)
Tik-Tok (Return to Oz), Marvin, Eve, WALL-e.
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May I do this, but with Wall-E's Stewards?
abc60altTV's avatar
ZackthetimelordRBLX's avatar
including the DW aliens? :O
Loved this art so much I had to put them in my version of 2048 game (which is a clone of Gabriel Circulli's game). :P

I hope this is cool with you, I have credited you you as much as I can. :)
mattcantdraw's avatar
Hey, great job! Man, I could lose hours to that game...

Glad you liked the deviation! :D
The-Happy-Spaceman's avatar
No T-800? I am disappoint.

Eh, still love it. Great work! :D
MikhailMeshcheriakov's avatar
I've enjoy dis. That a very funny
TDLBallistic's avatar
No Iron Giant?
I am offended.

JK- this is great.
hey, loved these designs so much I had to put them on some jeans.…

hope this is cool with you, I have credited you and linked to this page.
mattcantdraw's avatar
Nice one! Looks really great!

Thanks for the link! :D
HondaWhiteFox's avatar
Number 5 from "Short Circuit" would have been a good one too. ;)
DeeMBR's avatar
Those are Awesome!!:D #RESPECT! :) 

With all your Permission, Can i use these "alternative android logos" to make Photoshop brushes? Of-course,all the credits goes to you. :) 
mattcantdraw's avatar
Cheers dude! :D

And yes, you can make any brushes you want. Make some more though, there are a ton missing!
Technically the Cybermen and Dalek are cyborgs, but otherwise awesome
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It loves you too.
Randomnessgirl101's avatar
<.< >.> that's sketchy... :I LOL
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Wow! Robots!+ Android! = AMAZING!
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