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mjcTees, the online T-shirt store with designs so cool even your gran will wear them... er, hold on a minute there.

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Don't make me choose!
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Wilson Pickett!!!
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Original Metal gear Solid or Final Fantasy VII
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation - the first one.
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Art & Film & Music & Stuff

New Shop!

New Shop!

Hey all. For anyone still interested in buying my work, I had to change site and now have a Society 6 store here: I feel like an explanation is due. I haven't been drawing as I have been writing. I love making crazy mash-up deviations and am very grateful for every single like and comment I have received, but my greatest passion is writing. I just sold my first article, which will be published this weekend (I'll put the link up when it's there) and I'm looking for an agent/publisher to represent my children's books (of which I have written 7!). There will be more designs on here, I promise you. But, it migh
Red Bubble Trouble: my account at RB has been closed due to 'copyright infringement' (fair use anyone?) the same day this idiot stole my work: (thanks for heads-up Phantomx...

A Bit of An Update

A Bit of An Update

I've started uploading deviations again for the first time in a long time. So, why the break? Well, a few things have happened since I was regularly drawing. As in A LOT. For instance, I got married. And, the same weekend, in a strange case of cosmic convergence, Robert Downey Jr shared one of my deviations on his Facebook page. Don't believe me? Try here: Crazy, right? Also, my wife is eight months pregnant with our soon-to-be first child. That's right, I, the guy who brought you such mature offerings as: "Peppa Potts" "Death Mons

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Hi Matt.
Superhero chart is so wonderful.
Forgot one.
Power Toast Man (Ren and Stimpy)
He *IS* a superhero - unfortunately.
-Lincoln F Sternn
Heh, Nice. Think I missed more than one!!!!
hi Matt. Just stumbled upon your super bugs collection. They look fabulous. Is there anyway to purchase some of these?
Hey there, glad to hear you liked the bugs! 

What were you looking to get: T-shirts, posters, postcards, stickers? I need to add some stuff to my shop, but let me know what you're looking for and I'll send you a link!

Cheers again,
Hey Matt,

I'm interested in prints and t-shirts.  Send me a link to your store when you can.  Thanks.

Hey Jim

I haven't had a chance to upload the bugs yet, but they will be up on my Red Bubble shop, (here:…) very soon!

Please bear with me!

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Hey Matt,

I'm most interested in getting prints for my office but t shirts might be pretty cool too.  Do you need my email for the link?  New to this site so I"m not familiar with all the procedures.  Thanks.