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I've always admired the designs of the trainers more than the actual Pokemon. They're always so trendy and stylish. So... I wonder what Samus would look like as a Pokemon Trainer? Maybe like this?
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Why can I so easily think of a story where Samus would take up the role of a pokemon trainer? 

-   Following the events of Metroid Fusion, Samus encounters a Federation Cruiser while on her way to give a report on what happened at the BSL Station, only to find out the cruiser was not sent by her political contact, but the military general behind the metroid cloning project and wanted to utilize the SA-X as biological weapons. After realizing who these people are, Samus breaks out of the cruiser's jail cells, recovers AI Adam, sabotages the cruiser's main power generator, saves the three Etecoons, the mother Dachora and her hatchling, and escapes back to her ship with all of them before fleeing. 
-   Unfortunately, the cruiser fires on Samus's ship, causing both of them to crash land on the nearby planet. Samus's last conscious thoughts after crawling away from her downed ship is pulling her paralyzer pistol and shooting a Federation soldier to protect a blurry Etecoon that just ran past her. 
-   When Samus awakens, it is a month later, and she finds herself in a small town high in the mountains where it's always snowy, being tended to by one of the locals and watched over by the Etecoons, the Dachoras, and a strange yellow mouse-like creature with a lightning bolt shaped tail. She learns from AI Adam that they are on an underdeveloped planet, one populated by humans and numerous creatures with unusual abilities called pokemon.
-   AI Adam convinced the locals he was a prototype PokeDex AI as a countermeasure against Rotom poaching, and that the Etecoons and Dachoras are rare pokemon that Samus is a Pokemon Trainer who had been hired to deliver them alongside AI Adam. They were attacked while on route, rendering Samus unconscious after she and the pokemon were thrown from her vehicle. Thankfully, 'her Pikachu' protected them from wild pokemon, which is what the locals saw when they arrived on the scene, investigating the loud crash. Sadly, the remains of their vehicle disappeared a few days after she was found, before anyone could see it, and only Samus knew to whom they were supposed to be delivered, so they had no choice except to wait for her to awaken. 
-   As for why it took Samus a whole month to recover when her Fusion Suit had protected her from so much potential injury, AI Adam secretly informs he believes this is a side-effect of Samus now possessing metroid DNA. She is not just vulnerable to cold-based weapons, but general cold temperatures can slow her body's natural healing and recovery rate. Her body also now needs an intake of biological energy to sustain itself in order to keep herself healthy, just like metroids do; something the AI Adam deduced too late, thus why she still feels so weak, yet they can thank the Pikachu for helping Samus awaken, infusing her with its electrical energy, causing her to awaken now and not months later. 
-   After a few days to recover and adjust to her situation, Samus sets out to search for her missing ship so she can leave this planet. While she still has her Fusion Suit and it is fully functional, Samus doesn't activate it, taking on the role of a Pokemon Trainer in order to blend in on this world. The Pikachu goes with her, it having been the 'blurry Etecoon' she protected, and wants to remain with their new friend. She is even given 'replacement' pokeballs for all her 'pokemon' and AI Adam inside a PokeDex, so he had already gone through some 'testing' by the time she 'delivers' him. 
-   This investigation eventually leads Samus to encountering and fighting Team Rocket, as well as discovering the origins of her Pikachu companion. It turns out that Pikachu, like Samus herself, has been genetically augmented, being infused with Raichu DNA and Everstone energy, resulting in it having the same electrical output power of its evolution, yet will forever remain a smaller and faster Pikachu. It escaped Team Rocket's genetics lab base with the help of an Eevee infused with DNA taken from its various evolutions and a Ditto, allowing it to freely transform between each of its different Eeveelutions, which had been recaptured during the escape attempt.
-   Unfortunately, the security personnel and scientist who went to recapture the Pikachu were thwarted when it received aid from 'some woman in a blue jumpsuit' and other creatures. 
-   Fortunately, they did discover a mysterious craft when they went back to investigate the area later, which they have already forwarded to a Rocket technological research and development facility in another region. 
-   Samus defeats the Team Rocket agents of the genetics lab, rescuing and releasing all of their pokemon test subjects. Pikachu reunites with its friend Eevee, who joins Samus in thanks and with Pikachu's support. Grateful, Samus welcomes the type-shifting Eevee to the team, and after making sure the Rocket agents are taken into police custody, heads off to a new region of the world to take back her ship. 
-   From there, Samus's adventure leads to discovering a partnership between Team Rocket and the corrupt faction of the Federation Military, who sees the entire pokemon world as a source of biological weapons, which Team Rocket can supply in abundance in exchange for technology capable of letting them control legendary-class pokemon (master balls don't work on legendary pokemon in this universe; they are too powerful and simply destroy any pokeballs before they get anywhere near them, so alternate technological means are needed, making it more like the movies instead of the games). Samus gets her ship back, but now has to stop the combined forces of Team Rocket and the Corrupt Federation before knowledge of the pokemon world escapes the planet or the combined forces use their superior technology and genetically augmented pokemon, and metroids, to take control of this planet. 
-   Thankfully for Samus, she is not alone, herself being armed with her Fusion Suit, and with Pikachu, Eevee, the Etecoons, Dachoras, and several other pokemon friends and allies she had met along the way by her side. Potentially, Samus can even learn to wield the power of Aura thanks to the Chozo and Metroid DNA inside her, giving her abilities without relying on her suit, which is needed, as the Corrupt Federation has developed weapons to shut down Samus's armor, knowing the heroic and moral bounty hunter would become their enemy one day.