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Mermaid Shooter Gil

By MattBozon
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Here's something pretty obscure. About a decade ago me and "Dr Jones" made a web game that somehow got loose on the net and traveled the world. Just look up "Mermaid Shooter" in Google and you're sure to find a playable online version. The version that's being distributed isn't even the complete one, but its been passed around for many years, hosted and played by millions. Its a great example of "stupid awesome". Anyway, Gil is the mermaid in the game so I did a sketch of her for old times sake.
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My teammates and I in the Game Creation Society at CMU made a shooter about a mermaid named Gilda last year. Mind = blown.

Our mermaid was black, though, and the game had the awesome title of Merblade. Take that!

Your work is awesome, can't wait for the next game.
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Sounds interesting. Is there a playable version anywhere?
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Let's see, here's Merblade:

Takes awhile to load, not my best work.
Recommend King's Ascent, which is a better game (but sadly not about mermaids):

Definitely would make a game about mermaids again, love mermaids.
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very cute :3

I tried to play the game but saddly it failed :(
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Heh... I caught the reference in "Risky's Revenge". Clever job on that one.
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"I come for your soul. YAAAH!!"

I love your art!
Ever think of making a homebrew of this for the DS? or even a DSi-ware game?
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Oh wow, I actually remember playing this a loooong time ago when I was a kid. Nice sketch! ^^
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She's very cute and you're very good =3 You just keep delivering Matt, I wish you would post more, but I know that you're a busy person, so I respect that.

Still though, your work is amazing... I'm still looking forward to a second Shantae XD
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Hey! I played this game a while back. I didn't know you were involved, Matt! I'm really glad you've been showing us your sketches lately.
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Yeah, just me and Jones. To explain how truly ancient this game is, it was the first day I got a 3d program over here (well before those programs were standardized), so the charters were all stuck together primitive shapes. It was one step up from Teapot or Lofted Cylinder shooter.
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Teapot shooter? That reminds me of 3DS Max. ^o^
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I will have to look up this game, very cute pic
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Kinda reminds me of something you'd see in Paper Mario. I do love shooters though, I'll try to look this one up.
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Long time no see Matt >_O
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So you worked on web games as well, that's nice to know. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it true that web games take as much time, planning, and programing skills as console or handheld games? I ask because I had made plans to work on a few web games (thinking that it would would be sooo easy, only to realise that it's not). I got the time and the plans still on my computer but I'm just not a programer.
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These days a web game can be tiny (free and easy) or cost millions of dollars. But I still think its easier to make a game for the web just to get your wiggles out. Look into something like ClickTeam's products, which let you make your game with an iconic language. Back when it was called Clik N Play I used to make all kinds of stuff, and I'm definitely not a programmer.
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I'll check it out, Thanks.
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I actually googled Mermaid Shooter. The game is pretty fun, anyway nice sketch. Very cute.
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Yes, its super lame/awesome. Really bad. But good in an awful way.
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And there was me complaining about the complete lack of mermaid games!
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A sea shooter, eh? Sounds spiffin'.
And such an adorable defender of the deep ^ ^

That reminds me: I once heard about a flash game/program featuring Guppi, but never came across it. Was that more of a private test project?
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Oh yeah... we did a game called Guppi's Beach Block. It was a total in-joke on block pushing games. I don't think that was ever distributed, but it had kind of "SNES" like art featuring Guppi. Coolest part about that one was a full level editor you could build and play with. I'll have to dig it up.
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*stumbles across this comment over 2 years later* YES YOU DO!

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