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The Lone Wanderer
                              The Lone Wanderer
                             the Whispering Lady
                             written by Athkore
 A lone traveler was returning home one day from the capital city of the great country Zuzumbra. He had traveled there to gather supplies for his family, that of which couldn't be obtained anywhere else. His family lived in a small village located in Mistvalley Grove, which is a
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The New Life: Act 1
Athkore: Run sis run!!
Blue: I'm trying Athkore! I'm running as fast as I can!
Athkore: There's the wall! Spread your wings sis!... Rahhh... Sis!.. Sis we did it!
Blue: Finally we're out of that place! We're finally free!
(Both laugh)
Blue: What now though?
Athkore: I dunno.. I guess we'll need to start new lives.. Fly somewhere far from here.
Blue: But where?
Athkore: I don't know, anywhere but here. Come on sis let's keep moving...
(End scene short moment of silence play sound track for wind)
Blue: Athkore how much further? I'm starting to get tired and my wings are sore.
Athkore: Okay then sis I guess we'll land here for the night...
(Short pause then sound track for grass crunching)
Blue: ... Where are we Athkore?
Athkore: I dunno sis... Ummm we should probably get a fire started.. how about you go get some wood from the forest and I'll try to make us a shelter for the night.
Blue: Okay Athkore I won't be long.
Athkore: Okay sis please hurry back it's almost dark.
Blue: I will Athk
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Cynder's Troubles Part 10
 "Are you sure about this Athkore," Blue asked with uncertainty. "Yes, of course. Why wouldn't I be."
 "Well cause it's kinda risky."
 "But it'd be worth it I promise."
 "Ooookayyy...," She took a deep breath still uncertain.
 Athkore took his claw and cut his arm, letting his wound bleed out. Blue had done the same.            
 "Who should do it," Blue asked. "You go ahead I'll fight it for us," Athkore answered.
 "Are you sure Athkore?"
 "Yes, do it."
 Blue hesitantly brought the arm she had cut over Athkore's then flipped it. She let some of her blood drip onto Athkore's wound then Athkore fainted from mixing blood with a werewolf. Nervously she had waited to see if would get up. She waited a few minutes and then, eventually, he had slowly opened his eyes. "Athkore," Blue exclaimed. She had helped him up since he was still weak. Once they got up off the ground Blue placed his arm over her shoulders and helpe
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What is to Come
Life, a twisting turning ball of chaos.
Some things seem apparent but in truth they are false.
You think you've found that one.
But it isn't her.
She still hides lying in wait.
For you to discover.
When she will come.
You do not know.
All you have to go on is the hope that she will be discovered.
So here I wait and wait for that one to come around.
But I know one day I will find that one to call my own.
I know that I'll love her and she'll love me.
But for now I wait in this twisting turning ball of chaos that we call life.
Waiting for it to one day clear.
Waiting for her to appear.
:iconmattbonner12:mattbonner12 0 2
Cynder's Troubles Part 9
 Athkore and Blue were walking in the woods one early morning. It was the perfect day to walk. They were talking and were becoming really good friends. "So Blue where did you come from," Athkore asked.
 "I'm from a small dragon village. No one's really heard of it though. How about you?"
 "Well actually you can't really say I'm from anywhere. I just keep moving from place to place. It's an old habit, I had hoped to get rid of, from my parents."
 "What do you mean?"
 "My parents they kept moving from place to place never staying in the same place twice… I've never really had a true home."
 "Yeah…," Athkore frowned and looked down to the ground.
 "Maybe you could still break the habit."
 "I don't know Blue."
 "Athkore you've got to try."
 "Blue I have."
 "At once you don't succeeded, try try again."
 "Yeah, but how many times do you try until you give up?"
 "You don't give up. You just need some more time and ef
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Cynder's Troubles Part 8
 It was the next day and Spyro's turn to search for search for supplies. He knew what he was going to get Cynder, a nice shiny new set of jewelry. On the other hand He had no idea what to get Athkore. He was still at the camp sitting in-front of the fire and was staring into thinking what Athkore would like. "Maybe since he's a shadow dragon he'd like a shadow stone but that would be hard to find," he thought to himself. "Well what other thing do I have to go on. I guess I'll have to find him a shadow stone."
 After he made his decision he slowly walked into the forest to find what he needed. The supplies for the jewelry were fairly easy for Spyro to obtain. All he had to do really was just use his earth powers to pull the supplies from deep within the earth. He sat down and concentrated on the earth beneath him. Slowly iron and emerald colored gems came up from the ground. Once they were fully revealed he picked them up and put them in the satchel.
 Spyro couldn't do th
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Bet ya can't guess what it is. by mattbonner12 Bet ya can't guess what it is. :iconmattbonner12:mattbonner12 2 7
Gift: Blue-Assassin The Canvas
A blank white empty world with countless possibilities.
And in this world you play God.
Your tools for creation are in your hands.
In one your brush the master tool.
The other your paint the color and life.
But however like yin and yang.
One can not work without the other.
Slowly you dip your brush and lift it up.
You drag the brush across that blank empty world.
And then you add the life.
Now that blank empty world is blank and empty no longer.
You dip your brush yet again and still add more life and color to your world.
You continue and repeat.
Then your finally has finished.
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The Three Flashes of Light
There were three flashes that of which had no source.
The first had come to me in the hall at school.
It was me and my friend and those who surround us.
The light had flashed then had gone.
Me and my friend had only taken notice.
The second was early morning before the bus had come.
Was walking towards the stop and that light had flashed again.
I looked behind me no one was there.
I was alone by myself in the dark of early morning.
The third flash has been indefinite yet.
Though sometime soon I hope it comes back.
It gives me peace and protection.
It gives me hope.
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Cynder's Troubles Part 7
 It was early morning. The sun was out shining and and the air was cool ;there was also a slight cool breeze making it the perfect morning. Cynder had a satchel on and was searching in the forest for things to craft for Spyro and Athkore. "Let's see... what would Spyro like," she thought aloud. She stopped and paused for a second to think. After a few moments she came out and said, "I know! He'd like a collar," she exclaimed. "Now about Athkore hmmm... Well he is very religious he said, ...and he said he's been wanting to get a necklace with one of his religion's symbols..." She recalled him drawing the figure in the dirt the previous day. It's cross shape made her feel at piece when she saw it for the first time and, even now, when she thought about it. Which was strange to her, knowing its gruesome back story. She decided to make that for him."I hope they like what I'm going to make for them," she thought aloud again.
 She knew exactly what they were going to look like and
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My Dragon Form by mattbonner12 My Dragon Form :iconmattbonner12:mattbonner12 2 16
Cynder's Troubles Part 6
 "Ah damn-it," Spyro exclaimed as he sat down next to the fire by Cynder. "Still sore love," Cynder asked.
 "Yeah I still am too."
 "I'm still wondering how Athkore did that to him."
 "Well why won't you ask ask him that yourself. Here he comes."
 Athkore walked up, yet again, with some more turkeys. He set them down nearby placing them near by Spyro and Cynder. He had gone out hunting shortly after their encounter with Attor since they were low in food. "Hey guys," he said in a cheerful voice. "Hey... why turkeys," Cynder asked a bit confused.
 "Well it's almost Christmas duh."
 "Yea, Christmas. I was hoping I could do something a bit more special this year so I brought turkeys for us to eat on Christmas."
 "What's Christmas?"
 "You don't know what Christmas is!?"
 "Oh ancestors, I forgot about Christmas," Spyro exclaimed.
 "Spyro, what's Christmas?"
 "Why it's only the most wonderful ti
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The Best in People
Satan causes death and misery.
He tries to turn us from God himself.
Yet one thing he does not realize.
Is that God always triumphs.
His murders and killings of sorrow and hate.
His way to manipulate.
Yet he is so ignorant.
For the rest of us draw nearer to god.
You saw on the news of the childrens' deaths.
You also see the people rejoicing in the Lord's holy name.
For Satan does not realize.
The worst of times brings out the best of people.
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Cynder's Troubles Part 5
 Spyro let out a mighty yawn as he got up. Cynder was still asleep next to Spyro and Athkore was asleep a few feet away in his tent. The fire resisted in the center of it all and was out and a pile of fire wood was only a couple of yards away from that. It was early morning yet again and the sun was out and brightly shining over the forest that surrounded them.
 Spyro was going outside to start the fire, making sure not to wake Cynder as he did so. Right before he got out Cynder grabbed his leg with her tale and asked, "Where are you going Love."
 "Oh! Cynder you're awake. Didn't realize you were up."
"Just got up." She said with love in her voice, "Now where are you going?"
"Oh, I was going to start the fire. Come with?"
"I'd love to."
Cynder slowly got to her feet and stretched. She walked next to Spyro and smiled as they walked out the tent. They got to the fire, where Cynder sat down, then Spyro placed some of the wood, started the fire with his flame breath, sat nex
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Spyro and Cynder Date Night
 "I hope she comes," Spyro said, "She's taking awhile."
 Spyro had set up a table for a dinner date with Cynder. He had a candle, fancy table cloth, some fine wine, and had food that was just about finished cooking. He was pacing around his house waiting for her to knock on the door. Then when he was just about to give up hope, he heard a knock on the door. He ran to it making sure he looked alright before he opened it. He opened the door and Cynder was standing there with a smile on her face.
 She looked beautiful that night. Her scales were polished, which gave them an elegant shine. Her emerald eyes sparkled as she looked at Spyro, which made him a bit nervous. "... H-hey Cynder you look great tonight," Spyro complimented. "Thank-you Spyro. May I come in?"
 "Of-of course come in."
 He opened the door for her.
 "Sorry I'm late Spyro; I didn't think it would take me this long to get ready."
 "It's alright; I'm just glad your here."
 "Thanks, Spy
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Cynder's Troubles Part 4
 It was early morning, a few days after Athkore fell from the sky, and Cynder was up tending to the fire. Athkore was recovering quickly and Spyro was out hunting for more food. They had made shelters out of the rest of the hide from the deer they caught and had a nice little operation set up. Athkore finally had enough energy to a have a conversation and he and Cynder began to talk. "So do you have a family?" Cynder asked.
 "Yea, a mom and a dad. Haven't seen them in awhile though."
 "Why not?"
 "I don't know... I usually never live in the same place... I keep moving."
 "Why do you do that?"
 "Well it's just the way I grew up. You see-my parents do the same thing, never staying in the same place twice. Eventually, I left, hoping that I would just... settle down in a nice village with a family of my own."
 "What went wrong?"
 "Well, that never happened... I just kept moving. My old habit got the best of me and well you know the rest."
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fifteen dragons in flight, gliding through the atmosphere.
each with their own abilities,
each with their own color, and size,
each with their own nature,
and each,
with their own destiny...  
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Marching Show
Tap! Tap! Tap, tap, tap, tap!
Left foot first,
Be in time,
Stay in step,
Don't get behind.
Make it loud,
Lots of air,
Listen back,
To the snare.
Pretty sounds,
Keep it Clean,
Like a well-
Oiled Machine.
Shoulders straight,
Roll your feet,
Don't  hold back,
Feel the beat.
Horn held high,
Posture straight,
Come in on time,
Don't be late.
Play the note,
Hold the phrase,
Not piano,
But forte!
Keep it steady,
Make it round,
Big release,
Off and down.
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The Power and the Glory by lycanthropeful The Power and the Glory :iconlycanthropeful:lycanthropeful 60 71 Marching Band Drum Majors by featherbrained-flute Marching Band Drum Majors :iconfeatherbrained-flute:featherbrained-flute 602 210 Band Bus by mc-mickey-mouse Band Bus :iconmc-mickey-mouse:mc-mickey-mouse 256 73
You might be a band geek if...
You might be a band geek if...
1. You call your plumes chickens.
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3. Your instrument has a name.
4. You have a nickname...
5. ....that you were forced into.
6. You get offensive if anyone puts down the band.
7. You actually practice your instrument.
8. You know people by what instrument they play.
9. You've come up with a million ways to hide food at football games and not get caught.
10. Most of your conversations are about band geeks...
11. ...or start with "this one time at band camp"
12. You walk in step with the other band geeks in the hall...
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last night i dreamt of dragons by hakubaikou last night i dreamt of dragons :iconhakubaikou:hakubaikou 4,233 362



Any of you guys got any story ideas ya'll want to see written? Im sorta stumbed on what to write. Imma give credit to the person who gives me the idea. Thanks guys.
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