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Wine in Glass - 2

A little playing about with the theme in number 1 & this was born, enjoy :)

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Dec 24, 2007, 1:16:47 PM
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Excellent, but I think I prefer the feel of #1...if you could get the composition of #1 with the crispness of #2, I'd be all over it. :-D
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I'm very strangely captivated by refractions in glass...
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It may, or may not work, there's also my laziness to factor. There's also lighting thing to factor in too, natural light is a very hard thing to get the same especially if you're using it again.

I'll see if I can get something similar, I'll just have to wait for my family to drink a bit more red liquid out of those glasses... ;)
ilinamorato's avatar
Hope they're not still working on the SAME red liquid...yikes...
MattBlackLamb's avatar
Kinda, the stuff in the glass isn't wine (I don't know why I called it wine in glass, it has a certain poetic ring I guess) it's some kind of fizzy raspberry flavoured alcoholic beverage that my sister got for christmas & mixed with 7up. The remnants are still in the bottle in the fridge.

I could rename the piece I guess, but it looks like wine & people won't kno..... ah ;)
ilinamorato's avatar
"Some Kind Of Fizzy Raspberry Flavoured Alcoholic Beverage That My Sister Got For Christmas & Mixed With 7up in Glass - 3 by ~MattBlackLamb"

...Hmm, I guess you're right. Not much of a ring to that one.
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Looks like it's a freakin' fractal :iconomgextremeplz:... Great job, nice idea, :+fav:.
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A fractal is a repetition of the same image with different colors and different sizes.
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Thanks for the :+fav: :D

Fractal... where did you get that from?
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this one tilts a bit, or maybe that's the tipsy after drinking the wine in a glass. I prefer #1 for that reason alone. BUT I Totally like how you get that reflection upon reflection of the glass like it goes on into infinity.

if you could rotate this photo just a bit so the glass sits 90 perpendicular to the bottom of the photo this would improve it to being better than #1

hope that makes sense. and gee I didn't even have a glass of wine yesterdays supper. Oh well maybe I'll have one tonight with the leftovers.

MattBlackLamb's avatar
I don't know if the tilting is easily remedied, it'd if it was easy to fix without making it too obvious that I'd twisted the photo then I'd do it, but I don't think that's possible. :(

Thanks for the comment :)
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