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Just a reminder, my sketchblog is pretty active with a new sketch almost daily:

Also commissions are open and would be much appreciated right now. Updated info on that here:…

I’ll be posting some new stuff here pretty soon.

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Man... I wish I had money to commission you again! I am so damn broke at the moment myself. I've started taking some commissions myself to try to help and I hope I'll be back to where I could afford more of your great work!

If it's any help at all I can at least add a note here to someone considering commissioning you that you are incredibly professional and deliver amazing, beautiful results! No one should hesitate to work with you.

Your sketch blog is great! Thanks for the link. :] I've bookmarked it.
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I already follow your blog. Love the sketches.
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I would be interested in looking at your sketchblog but the link didn't work for me.
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nice pencils on there!
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I was just on it, its amazing.
I'll definatly be following that tumblr page.
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