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Deviation Actions

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I like that the focus is on the art.

The ads are super annoying and distracting.

How come, after 7 versions, theres still no option to change the background color behind deviations? Not everything is gonna look good against this pale green.

And I would like to not have to click to get a decent quality version of the art.

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I totally agree!!!! Black would be slick!
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Well said !

I joined DA when the site was "grey"... and I had no problem to focus on the art. The color isn't a high priority because DA is very popular (the stats [link] )... but they are wrong, a lot of people that don't come every days / every week : thing that DA isn't a "serious" art site. Just because of the GREEN :lol:

Ahhhh... we'll see next year :D

PS: don't want to see the ads... try this [link]
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I’ve got an adblock.css thing going here, i don’t like ads in general. But DAs ads in particular are so bright and distracting.

My color gripe isn’t with the whole site (at this point the green is sort of iconic), its with the deviation display. There should be an option to have your deviations displayed against your own color choice.
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AGREED! The color thing is my biggest pet peeve. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the changes they've made. Seriously, building a site like this is not exactly an easy thing. So huge kudos to everyone for working so hard on the back end.

That said... the pukey green color is kind of goofy. I mean, this IS primarily an art site- right? Grey, white... heck even black would be better than green. Whatever it is changed to, it really should be a neutral color that would put the focus on the artwork. The green just isn't a flattering color.
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My idea of color changing is like webshots. They have the option of changing the top header but changing it the same way would be wonderful. I can change it to pink, red, blue...whatever...and then the next person can pick their own color but the choices won't affect any other account.
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that’s a good idea. if some deviant chooses a hot pink bg for their deviation, anyone else would be able to change it to something they prefer. we can already do this with bookmarklets etc., it would be nice for it to be built in.
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Personally would love this. Like it may default for the typical green but if I wanna view dA in pink, I would and they can view it in another color!
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It's pissing me off already.

Come one, high someone who understands GUI properly.
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i dontsee any adds on, probably cause i have a membership, what i didntliked was that been able to comment on a piece, before scrolling down, people will ask the same question not only one or twice but gazillions times, each time web pages are becoming more lazier for people to read comments.
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that's true, having the comment box that prominent will discourage users from reading the existing comments first.
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And I would like to not have to click to get a decent quality version of the art.

I agree with this, I had my settings under v6 the way the were so I didn't have to click again.
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Here here!

Fully agreed on the background. a nice dark grey can be heavenly when viewing art, especially photographies.
More like the Picasa photo viewer effect :) that one is slick.
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I agree. My only problem is the odd lag that I get when viewing a piece of work. Otherwise, I like this for the same reasons.
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the new layout of 7 is kind of annoying from certain aspects. now, i have to hover my mouse over the total messages and then click to see certain fields of messages. so another word, that's an extra click. blah!
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If they let people customize the bg colours, a lot of people would probably make it eye gougingly ugly. I think it's better for the site to have a consistant colour scheme.

And yes, why the hell did they remove the auto-fullscreen option!? It's ridiculous how they take away features with no reason!
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I figure that if we had the option to change the colors, only we would see our customizations (not someone else's). So I think the eye-gougingly ugly wouldn't be a problem.
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Ahh, that would make more sense. No idea how DA would make that work though.
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i just don't think optional bgcolor changes will be a good thing to unleash on this community. i would be looking at totally distracting and hideous background colors all day - look at myspace, 99.9% of the pages are ugly as sin because most people really have no clue how to customize those things nicely. same counts for here.

maybe it's because i've been on this site for 8 years, but i've begun to see this green bg as a weird sort of deviantart-neutral which i can handle when on this site. i like the fact that it's consistent and everyone's work is displayed the same. but i understand if others don't feel that way with this color scheme, it is a bit odd for an art community if i think about it objectively.. oh wells.
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but myspace is a community of mostly non-artists. we’re pretty much all designers of some sort and i think we should have some control over how our work is displayed. Yes, you’re gonna have some hot pink backgrounds but they’ll probably be behind pieces you wouldn’t wanna see anyway.

the green is fairly neutral but neutral isn’t always suitable. some of my pieces are pretty dark and i imagine they would be viewed better against black.
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well, to assume that dA has a large amount of able designers is a bit optimistic.. a lot of people here, in my opinion, are.. how do i put it tactfully.. not of a certain skill level. an overwhelming amount of members just use this site as a deposit for their casual snapshots or camwhore photos or only post 2 minute doodles made in paint.

but ok, maybe a viewing mode with an option of a black or white bg is a good idea. if they put that option on the "sitback" mode i think a lot of people would be pleased.
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I think most of the changes are dreadful. Maybe it's just me but that ridiculous flash focus/zoom whenever you go to view a Deviation and the fact that you can no longer automatically set them to full view, thus making you have to click on the image to view it in the size the ARTIST intended it to be seen in feels like more work. Which correct me if I'm wrong seems kinda like the opposite of what they were claiming on going for with this "Less is Moar" thing. And like gee whiz, it's nice that $spyed wants "Art 100% visible on load"...but shouldn't the option also be ours as artists and members of the community?
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I really wish they would just leave it alone for awhile and stop changing everything. :\ It just seems like they change it more often than need be. I agree with you on viewing the deviation. What happened to the automatic full view option?
Everything just seems to be missing and hidden in this new version. :\
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Totally agree with you!, the gray background isnt very good for artworks :/
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You know, I can't believe I've never thought about that (about having to "click to get a decent quality version of the art").
I've NEVER not done that. Ever.
Well, what I mean is that even if ended up not liking the art, I'd I always give it a chance and enlarge it to get a better view. I always do this.
I shouldn't have to click on the picture every single time; why can't it just load with good quality?
It's all about the subtleties, DevArt.
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