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Umicons Volume 4

By mattahan

This one includes weather pngs.

23.5 mb
© 2003 - 2021 mattahan
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Hello everybody, long time no see. Need help, just migrated to Windows 10 and LInux (latest sparky, latest ubuntu-dde and mint).

Is there any app or program for win and deb that i can use to apply icons system wide?

You have skills, Thank you!

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Awsome, I have been following your work since BUUF ;)
Amazing icons, but for some reason when I put them into Y'z dock they split into 2 pieces.. Anyone know why this is happening?
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HI Mattahan,

I've just found myself here thanks to pitkon and one of his amazing blackbox skins. Now ive only just started with blackbox skins etc and was wondering where do i put these icons of yours.

I would love to experience what everyone is writing up one :lol: - omg do i sound like im creeping or what? :lol:

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Thanks, these are really nice.
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GOD! Your so good i want to cry!!! :(:(:(
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I like your works alot. But i cannn'''t contact you :( You are fuckin perfect !! *respect*
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damn it, why a rar file.. why not a zip ? I realy realy like these icons however :!:
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Really great work.
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so very much bigger.. i think ill dl this one instead..
kinde nice work for a 14 year old..
i feel somewhat useless..
but it guess that there will always be someone better then yourself..
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and thoughts of your own shell32, shdocvw and Co. dll package? (for SP1, naturally ;) (Wink) ) avi's included, of course..
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Amazing set of icons, so many to choose from. Quite stylish and even a bit different than anything I've seen before.
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Superb icons Mattahan Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up ! This volume rocks Horns ! +Heart
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WOW more u are the man :) (Smile)

I just love them havent used others since UM-1
But i would love if you made a funny kinda mail icon !!
I got you on my DevWatch and this is +fav

Hear hear! I hereby decree these icons king of all!

Great job, as always man, I the most original set on the planet keeps getting better and better!
Excellent job once again Mattahan, these are by far the best sets of icons to come out in a long, long time!!!
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Umicons rock !
javierocasio's avatar
Aweosme more Umicons :) (Smile)
norbalin's avatar
Cooooool :D (Big Grin)

Thanks a lot mattahan for the best icons ever :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) (Y)
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