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Umicons Volume 1

By mattahan
Umm hmm it's 15 mgs so i'll upload a lite version w/o size 256
© 2003 - 2021 mattahan
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your works are amazing!!
wilsoninc's avatar
i didn't remember this ones!! haha amazing i was in love with this set! ^^
AzizNatour's avatar
what are they for?
tatice's avatar
They're so beautiful, that i've added them to my favorites. :)
sassonno1's avatar
you are so good !!!!!!!!!11111111 check this out [link]
Baron-Samedi's avatar
Many thanks ^_^; Nice match for the GANT sets. Even though this was...made...first... >_>
slan's avatar
j'ai maintenant toute la collection, c'est mon os qui va etre content :)

i got all of your icon's deviantions !!! very good job !!! continue to enjoy my desks :)
insanekiwi's avatar
great work! (as usual)
diq's avatar
Thanks for the AWESOME icons... tremendous talent, and very nice display...

I'll be keeping an eye on u...
heemaz's avatar
Excellent really this is truly amazing !! +FAV
wavepage's avatar
How can i use theis type of pack icons? Thanks!
tiver's avatar
did you find out, i don't know neither
grug2k's avatar
Great work. Looking forward to Volume 3 :) (Smile)
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These aren't my style, but man, these are sweet looking and quite original.

robc's avatar
Finally tracked these things down :) (Smile)
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:: 15Mo ?! . Oh . Doesn t matter .
:: it s worth the download .
:: excellent excellent excellent exce...
:: []
dreadventurous's avatar
Interesting style, and incredibly beautiful. I´ll try them.
gfxman's avatar
One of the best icons set´s i ever seen
just blokos i like as much as these.
I hope to see more work from you ;) (Wink)


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littlereddevil's avatar
Amazing icons, like someone said one of the best sets ive seen as well, great job!
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You do indeed dock, these are fantastic!

p0ptart's avatar
sheer genius!!!!!
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