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By mattahan

In spite of the name, this is the smallest Buuf release so far. This doesn't make it any less awesome. Happy now, hybridfan?

Buuf donation page still up: [link]

:iconiamiron: commissioned some of these.
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okay you just won the whole game. sick and outstanding. thank you !!!

Definitely another great packge!

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you are great¡¡¡¡
tanks ;)
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.png please :\
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Geez what the Fuck how could I miss these :( :lmao: Yo thanks dude will try them out soon ;)
Your work is appreciated by the Linux community, please do not leave us without a package of this new masterpiece.

I am one of the larger and quieter fans.
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LOVE it. As always. You're so good at making these!
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Awesome work, as usual ^_-
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really really cool , /o/
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Dam, cool dude
This always makes me wana get a Mac >.>
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.ico please..
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[link] (or just scroll down on this page a bit)
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who can translate them to .icon or .png for windows?
You are the master! A Vader without a Yoda? That's just not right.
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LMFAO, Captain America has the funniest expression on his face. :+fav:
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As always: They'll find a place on my pc
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Thanks again mattahan. Here are the PNG's. Should also work in Linux.

(damn, took longer to upload this successfully than to convert the friggin' things >:[ )

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Hey, could it be that there is a problem with the PNGs? The shadows (alpha transparency) are sort of purple on my windows and not transparent.
Thanks for a short answer.
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