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The Hulk takes a shit.
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In his case explosive diarrhea would actually explode the toilet. 
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You never ever see heroes or villian in this situation. sometimes
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Lol I wonder if his crap is radiactive too?
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hahaha you just made my day. hahaha
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Well that would explain all the stories of giant radioactive crocs in the drains!!
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I like stuff that makes me laugh, and I like this one a lot. :)
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LOL :laughing: haha it's funny how random things like these cross artist's minds XD
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LOL! He's human (sort of) as well... ^^;
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haha! i love it! :D
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zuhaha nice :D
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HAHAHAHA absolutely hilarious lol
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Hehhe... Great minds think alike I guess...


i lol'd !!!11

u rock
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LMAO! If I thought I could get away with it, I'd have a print of this hanging on the bathroom door.
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The turds exit like this: :gun::shithitsthefan: Poor toilet. :icontoiletplz:
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yes the hulk is the shit!
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fuckin awsome :clap:
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