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Make Leopard's Dock Tolerable



Disgusted by apple's biggest interface misstep yet?

Here' how to make it look less lame in 7 simple steps.

-Find your dock application in /System/Library/CoreServices/

-ctrl-click on and click "Show Package Contents".

-Navigate to Contents and then Resources.

-Locate and open the four 'scurve' png files as shown in my screenshot. Back them up somewhere, I recommend a zip file (ctrl-click, 'Compress 4 Items' )

-Invert them (in photoshop: Image:Adjustments:Invert or Command-I).

-Save them all to your desktop (Photoshop can't save them where they are) and then copy them back to the Resources folder, replacing the old ones.
If you get an error when trying to replace, you may have to first switch to the glassless dock. To do so, open Terminal and enter this command as you see it below, replace [dot] with a period:

defaults write com[dot]apple[dot]dock no-glass -boolean YES; killall Dock

then try to copy them again, it should work this time. Unless you prefer this glassless dock (which is perfectly understandable), run this command to switch back:

defaults write com[dot]apple[dot]dock no-glass -boolean NO; killall Dock

-enjoy your new, less annoying, dark-glass dock!

It doesn't have to stop here, you can mess around with the indicators, the transparency level, or the separator using these steps so have fun :)
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i hope your answer... :D make me soo hapyy...

Well many days ago... i had try change my dock...but i never find, dock is 2d and i want to 3d leopard dock...but i dont know to change my dock... could explain me, how to change the 3d leopard dock?? i really need an answer... i will make meee soooo happyyyyyy!!!

sorry for my bad english :D