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Left on Silverlake

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I'm surprised the monster is scared
i've always thought that to be with this lady that is the demon you'll deal with. she's a living trap.

i've obviously dated women like this. i could be projecting =)
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that is curious I'm not sure if the big guy is about to eat the lady or trying to use her and a sheild against something bigger and more scary. hard to tell. love the detail in it though.
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Love his facial expression :) Amazing work!
Your work...Loss for words really
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dude liking that
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Wow. Just found your stuff on the DA. What a Deep Rich Style you have. Really beautiful work. :love:
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The monster's hiding behind that lady like, 'OMG SAVEZ ME!'

I wonder what it is they're looking at???

Great art, great expressions on the faces. Gave me a real unexpected laugh!
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I love the story here, brother. and your painting blows my mind. I mean, look at your use of light and shadow!!!
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is this a deleted scene from Where the Wild Things Are?
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the monster was raping the girl (you can see by the half-naked girl) when suddenly prince charming comes to save her.. lol
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wow that scares me , really awesome !
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Great lighting effects, and the characters really do pop out at you, with both the expressions and visuals.
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Excellent work!
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Wonderful lighting, poses, and juxtaposition! LOVELY. :nod:
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your lighting is always just amazing. I have to ask about the title. Silverlake in LA?
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