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Incredibly executed piece of art.

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I really like the colors on this picture. But I love her flat top hairstyle
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This is just so lovely!

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Very adorable bae!!

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How have I not seen your beautiful art before? Watching you immediately, thank you for being the newest addition to Black artists I follow on DA <3

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Your style has always been my favorite. My entire desktop , phone , and tablets always were decked out in your amazingly impactful and beautiful designs and creations. It’s time to show some love and respect with this piece right here once again, take care and thank you .

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Take your racist bullshit off this artist's work. Art of a Black person doesn't mean your political views are welcome.

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... This is racist?

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You posted a political video labeled "Uncle Tom" under art of a Black woman that has no correlation to it. Yes, that's racist

CatzK3's avatar

This artwork is featured under "BLM" soooooo....

peaachi's avatar

So? That doesn't make what you did less racist. The artist is Black and drew a Black woman with no message. You decided to randomly post racist propoganda videos under that. Fuck off.

CatzK3's avatar

How is what I posted racist?

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I'm not going back and forth with you while you play dumb. Good bye.

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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!

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Absolutely gorgeous! This is spectacular!!! I love the colors and the attention to the details like the folds and creases, as well as the texture of the fabric and the lighting on her skin. Beautiful!

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your so talented!!!! beautiful work!

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She looks a little unsure....she is beautiful, so she can be confident in that. Beautiful work.
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Black wife matter :D

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