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Buuf Deuce



Free, but consider donating: [link]

Update 10/11: It's now a zip containing the icons in icns format. Deviantart's limitations only allow for them to be 128px and some non-essential icons had to be removed.

This is my first time creating a torrent, so I don't know how well this will work, if at all. If it does work and you do get it, please seed. The file is ~600mb and I don't exactly have a fast connection.

Windows/Linux users feel free to create ports and post them. Once again I've waited until the last minute to submit so I haven't had time to make them myself.

Enjoy :)

(yes, that's what BUUF stands for)
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Much appreciative for the share.

After much searching, I finally found the ~600mb torrent. I know this is a long short, but why not. 
About 5 leechers: 0 seeder. I would be very grateful for anyone to seed the file.