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Buuf Deuce

By mattahan
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Free, but consider donating: [link]

Update 10/11: It's now a zip containing the icons in icns format. Deviantart's limitations only allow for them to be 128px and some non-essential icons had to be removed.

This is my first time creating a torrent, so I don't know how well this will work, if at all. If it does work and you do get it, please seed. The file is ~600mb and I don't exactly have a fast connection.

Windows/Linux users feel free to create ports and post them. Once again I've waited until the last minute to submit so I haven't had time to make them myself.

Enjoy :)

(yes, that's what BUUF stands for)
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Much appreciative for the share.

After much searching, I finally found the ~600mb torrent. I know this is a long short, but why not. 
About 5 leechers: 0 seeder. I would be very grateful for anyone to seed the file. 
Could share icons 256x256 pleaseeeeee!
Amazing work. In KDE I use those icons since I've first seen them, that is since ca. 4 years. Thank you Paul.
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Been using this icon set since it was featured in Ubuntu Satanic Edition. Never gets old.
Meow :3 
These icons rock. Keep up the good work. Absolutely amazing icons. Never left comments for icons before but these warranted it.
Guys, i really need 256x256. Can someone give me a link? Thanks.
Dear CutControl, can you refresh the link of Buuf Deuce 256x256 ICO's? Thank you so much.
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I love this set. I've been hacking away at my Mac OS system library to replace as many icons as I can. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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I really can't see why so many people are not using this. It is the most beautiful icon set to me as well. It's characteristic, atmospheric and consistent. A big thx from me! Glad u share this among us.

Is there an actual torrent, i2p, upload, dropbox, etc for the big version? ^^
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I just have one thing to say: Uffffff!!!! O_o
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Anyone have these in 512x512 png. The torrent is dead.
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First (and only) icon set I use on every device. <3
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please seed!,nice icons
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The torrents dead. Look two post before.
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sorry. missed the date =)
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Dont have mac but love his art
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Download the set from my Dropbox.
Buuf Deuce (retail) [link]
Buuf Deuce 256x256 ICO's [link]
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Hey dude. Thanks for your time. The links are dead though. I don't suppose you could poke them a bit and see if they move.
Would really appreciate it.

Oh... and really nice work Mattahan.
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thanks dude you save my life :)
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Dunno if you'll see this, but thanks a lot for your trouble x)
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No trouble @ all! Glad it helped.
torrent dont work u.u somebody have another way to download the 300 mb ?
this is the most beautiful pack of icons 've ever seen!!!!!!!!!
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