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...working on a ton of work for shows and projects. just posted work from the Bluxome gallery show i was in with Double Parlour and Ken Davis... check out this review in Hi Fructose magazine to see more of my work in that show as well as Ken's and Double Parlour's....…

also just finished a bunch of drawings for the Glimpse Trio's latest CD. it dropped last week and I'll post some work from that soon.

in July i got another couple shows...a four person show with the crushing talents of Robert Bowen, Joey Murdoch, and John Stuart Berger...huge.
also, a group show with the full on awesomeness of the Zerofriends! i'll post the work for those shows at some point as I get it done.

i have to remember not to be such a deviant art lagger...:(
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Man, you have seriously been busy! And while I'm excited for you, I have to admit I'm a little jealous too. It's always great to have you posting, but your absences are understandable. Hope all is well.
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thank you. i have never been more busy art-wise in my life. things have really taken off. so many shows and projects its insane. i can't post everything i do as i do it because i save a lot of stuff for opening nights. like those big cut blue rats...i have to post the rest of them some time. if you want to see some more of that buxom show check out the hi fructose link i posted in my journal. thanks for keeping up despite my absences!
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You should save stuff for opening night, I would imagine the impact of the work is stronger as a whole in person than it is piecemeal online.