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Ikaruga mock-up

By matt-walkden
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Mock up of the first boss from the game Ikaruga reimagined in old school 2D.

Worked on this on and off for a few weeks and I think it came out pretty well. Was day-dreaming about animating everything but my plans got crazily ambitious so I'm just going to leave it as it is.
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Yart's avatar know, I think I'd like this game more if it looked like this.

This is fantastic.
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Isn't gonna make Ikaruga 2D version of game dev began to?
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shiryu67Hobbyist General Artist
If only this was an actual fan remake.
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I remember seeing this showcased on Kotaku. Amazing work! 
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What? It was on Kotaku!?
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They showed off a bunch I pixel art demakes. I'll have to check. I know I've seen it before.
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ManbowARXIMUSHobbyist General Artist

It looks like its on the Neo Geo...

Nice job!

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StreamOverlordHobbyist General Artist

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buko-studiosProfessional Digital Artist
Really Sweet Job! Thanks for letting us feature this on our group!
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I wish someone would make an actual 2D de-make of this game!
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BLARGEN69 General Artist
Totally fantastic pixel work right here man, I salute you.
But seriously I think if this was real, the sheer number of lazers going around teh screen would just, look too bad.
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KupoGamesProfessional Digital Artist
Haha, looks a bit like Dodonpachi now.
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lol, I was just compulsively playing this last night and wanted to look up it's story and I found this! xD
Great work! I love the taste of 16-bit graphics, I find it to be a refreshing break from all the next gen graphics... xD
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Thanks. I like your Zero Wing (I think...?) avatar!

- Matt
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Why yes it is. :iconcatsplz: xD

I take it your addicted to near impossible shoot-em up games as well? x3
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Yeah, but there don't seem to be that many around these days... or at least they don't seem to get released in Europe anymore.
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Very impressive. I've wondered what Ikaruga would look like with old school gracphics
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UnrealCanineHobbyist Filmographer
Offically awesome
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That is absolutely amazing. How long did it take?
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I'm not sure how long it took off the top of my head since I worked on a bunch of other stuff at the same time - I'd say something like 15 hours but that includes doing different versions of the boss and the players and lots of little variations on the tiles and the font.
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That's awesome, man! Gosh, your pixle art rocks!
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