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Do you remember the morning? When you were full of hopes and faith in yourself? The morning the battery in your electronic cigarette was fully charged and you were writing about this beautifully perfect mathematical model you constructed. Slowly inhaling dense fog, blowing cinnamon clouds at your computer screen.
What even is this?
All the dreams and aspirations. When everyone you ever dreamed of is there. In the cloud of cinnamon. In the sigh of healing lungs. Lungs powering that self-destructive mind. Mind that can find millions of solutions to the problems of others. Yet none to ones of its own.

It might be just another depression. But I am on my meds. I always make sure to take them. But I still cannot find a way of fixing myself. I miss people. I miss Them. I guess I even miss myself.

I better go make myself a cup of tea and switch to pineapple e-liquid.
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At least that is what some people write when they post stuff somewhere. I am not one of those people. Or maybe I am. I don't know. Anyway.
I am learning to draw Manga and Anime. And as Mike Crilley, who wrote an awesome book on how to do it properly, suggested use of some pieces of equipment. I already had most of it, either from the old high school days when I wanted to express my thoughts in some way but ended up drawing lame wannabe realistic stuff I usually stuffed into the gap between my bed and the wall, or bought it recently, when this intention came around once again.
So, let's dive into it.
Pencils: B4 and B6 KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH 1500
It may be patriotism or simply love for simple things. I use softer pencils even for manga, because I put a bit more pressure on it and anything harder than B2 is unerasable. And they smell awesome when sharpened.
Freeliner: Wilko Freeliner
It can make thin or thick lines, based on the pressure. I like to use it as a substitute for ink, because it does not soak through the paper and I can use the other side. Brandwise, this is the cheapest I could get and I don't regret the choice :D
Ruler: Wilko 15cm ruler
I use it to check for symmetry and to make guides, when I need them.
Sharpener: Not sure, really. It's made of aluminum, mostly.
Because as long as it sharpens, I don't care what brand it is.
Erasers: KOH-I-NOOR 300/60 and Boldmere putty eraser
The first one, which is under the latter in the picture below, is just a regular eraser, which does its job well. There is an elephant on the other side. I use it only once I have traced the outlines with freeliner, to remove all the graphite from the paper. It's issue is that it leaves crumbs of rubber everywhere and I just hate vacuum cleaners. Although I admit that the English ones are quite well-behaving. But still.
The Boldmere putty eraser is just a crappy putty eraser I got from The Works for a quid for two. It does erase and all. Just sometimes sticks to my fingers and smells weird. But then again, it does what I ask it to do. (I plan to replace it at some point, but shhh.)
Paper: Canson Croquis XL
Finally. One of my most favorite things in the world. I bought the first sketchpad of this brand and type sometime in late 2013 and used it for minor sketches and love letters (which I never sent). But then I started using it for notes, for which I'd deserved lead in my skull. Now, I finally started using it for its intended purpose and got a spare one as well. As long as I'll be drawing, I am gonna be using these.
Crayons: Crayola 12 Colo(u)red Pencils
Simplicity again? Yeah. And got them at Wilko, as well. Just 12 colors, but for my purposes, 6 of them would be enough.
Tablet: Wacom Intuos Manga
Yes!!! I had it for a while as well. Using it mainly for making video tutorials on mathematics and operation of software such as Geogebra. It was a good companion, with me since Christmas of 2014. The software that came with it is long gone somewhere. But I don't need it, because I found another jewel.
Software: Krita
Krita is the software many people must've been waiting for a loong time. It used to be a kickstarter project, developed in KDE for Linux and ported to windows. Substitutes vast majority of features of PaintTool SAI, which I never had the epiphany to pay for. And it is free. Free! (I donated 2 euros anyway. And I hope to give them more in the future. Who knows what the future will be like.

Img 20161119 001328 by matt-adams
Cropped-icon-krita-sketch2 by matt-adams
And yeah. Whoever got here, send me a message, you can be my friend and I may give you some points, if I like your art.

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After a long long time, after major life fuckups and breakups and doorslams, I have realized that I have to focus on my own needs a bit more. And I decided to go the way of Art once again. And this time, it will hopefully be more than just random screams of creativity followed by long nothingness filled with the presence of my boring personality of a stuffed animal that sits on a shelf and is there to help people until they are okay and decide to simply fuck off.
I have purchased a book Mastering Manga by Mike Crilley and I am actually starting to dive into it. Although my drawings are far from the awesomeness I have seen in numerous anime saries that I have watched, I will strive to improve at it and then maybe move on to realism. Who knows.
I have also resurrected my beloved Wacom Intuos Manga, which is just a perfect companion when it comes to traveling between the homeland and this weirdly crumbling Island, where I live now.
The Plymouth University, where I currently study (Economics) encourages us into writing reflections and keeping journals of our personal impressions and experience as part of PDP. And DeviantArt is one of the means I am going to use to do so.

Well. That's it.
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Doin' something good for visual art is what I really like to do.
Also, I really like working in bars and café's.
Thanks to this fact and the fact that I have met a guy who asked me whether I'd like to work with him in the comics museum of the main Czech protagonist of comic art (Karel Saudek) which is in addition basically part of a bar, I got this awesome piece of job. Seriously a piece of job?
Yup... and that is it :D
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I feel like crap. And it has a reason this time. I really like doing promotions for my favorite jazz club in the middle of the middle of Prague. But. I have a colleague, who is quite irresponsible person and keeps switching his shifts. This results in the fact that I never now whether I will have to go to work the following night or not and whenever I have to go in the week I get so tired that it is nearly impossible for me to get up the next day. Today, I have scheduled a meeting with my boss because of this - I am really curious what will happen.
I really need to get some new clothes and also probably ... It is none of your business actually... :-D
Yeah, and I've met my BFF ^____^

And another thing to add:

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