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Do you remember the morning? When you were full of hopes and faith in yourself? The morning the battery in your electronic cigarette was fully charged and you were writing about this beautifully perfect mathematical model you constructed. Slowly inhaling dense fog, blowing cinnamon clouds at your computer screen.
What even is this?
All the dreams and aspirations. When everyone you ever dreamed of is there. In the cloud of cinnamon. In the sigh of healing lungs. Lungs powering that self-destructive mind. Mind that can find millions of solutions to the problems of others. Yet none to ones of its own.

It might be just another depression. But I am on my meds. I always make sure to take them. But I still cannot find a way of fixing myself. I miss people. I miss Them. I guess I even miss myself.

I better go make myself a cup of tea and switch to pineapple e-liquid.
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