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After a long long time, after major life fuckups and breakups and doorslams, I have realized that I have to focus on my own needs a bit more. And I decided to go the way of Art once again. And this time, it will hopefully be more than just random screams of creativity followed by long nothingness filled with the presence of my boring personality of a stuffed animal that sits on a shelf and is there to help people until they are okay and decide to simply fuck off.
I have purchased a book Mastering Manga by Mike Crilley and I am actually starting to dive into it. Although my drawings are far from the awesomeness I have seen in numerous anime saries that I have watched, I will strive to improve at it and then maybe move on to realism. Who knows.
I have also resurrected my beloved Wacom Intuos Manga, which is just a perfect companion when it comes to traveling between the homeland and this weirdly crumbling Island, where I live now.
The Plymouth University, where I currently study (Economics) encourages us into writing reflections and keeping journals of our personal impressions and experience as part of PDP. And DeviantArt is one of the means I am going to use to do so.

Well. That's it.
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