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At least that is what some people write when they post stuff somewhere. I am not one of those people. Or maybe I am. I don't know. Anyway.
I am learning to draw Manga and Anime. And as Mike Crilley, who wrote an awesome book on how to do it properly, suggested use of some pieces of equipment. I already had most of it, either from the old high school days when I wanted to express my thoughts in some way but ended up drawing lame wannabe realistic stuff I usually stuffed into the gap between my bed and the wall, or bought it recently, when this intention came around once again.
So, let's dive into it.
Pencils: B4 and B6 KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH 1500
It may be patriotism or simply love for simple things. I use softer pencils even for manga, because I put a bit more pressure on it and anything harder than B2 is unerasable. And they smell awesome when sharpened.
Freeliner: Wilko Freeliner
It can make thin or thick lines, based on the pressure. I like to use it as a substitute for ink, because it does not soak through the paper and I can use the other side. Brandwise, this is the cheapest I could get and I don't regret the choice :D
Ruler: Wilko 15cm ruler
I use it to check for symmetry and to make guides, when I need them.
Sharpener: Not sure, really. It's made of aluminum, mostly.
Because as long as it sharpens, I don't care what brand it is.
Erasers: KOH-I-NOOR 300/60 and Boldmere putty eraser
The first one, which is under the latter in the picture below, is just a regular eraser, which does its job well. There is an elephant on the other side. I use it only once I have traced the outlines with freeliner, to remove all the graphite from the paper. It's issue is that it leaves crumbs of rubber everywhere and I just hate vacuum cleaners. Although I admit that the English ones are quite well-behaving. But still.
The Boldmere putty eraser is just a crappy putty eraser I got from The Works for a quid for two. It does erase and all. Just sometimes sticks to my fingers and smells weird. But then again, it does what I ask it to do. (I plan to replace it at some point, but shhh.)
Paper: Canson Croquis XL
Finally. One of my most favorite things in the world. I bought the first sketchpad of this brand and type sometime in late 2013 and used it for minor sketches and love letters (which I never sent). But then I started using it for notes, for which I'd deserved lead in my skull. Now, I finally started using it for its intended purpose and got a spare one as well. As long as I'll be drawing, I am gonna be using these.
Crayons: Crayola 12 Colo(u)red Pencils
Simplicity again? Yeah. And got them at Wilko, as well. Just 12 colors, but for my purposes, 6 of them would be enough.
Tablet: Wacom Intuos Manga
Yes!!! I had it for a while as well. Using it mainly for making video tutorials on mathematics and operation of software such as Geogebra. It was a good companion, with me since Christmas of 2014. The software that came with it is long gone somewhere. But I don't need it, because I found another jewel.
Software: Krita
Krita is the software many people must've been waiting for a loong time. It used to be a kickstarter project, developed in KDE for Linux and ported to windows. Substitutes vast majority of features of PaintTool SAI, which I never had the epiphany to pay for. And it is free. Free! (I donated 2 euros anyway. And I hope to give them more in the future. Who knows what the future will be like.

Img 20161119 001328 by matt-adams
Cropped-icon-krita-sketch2 by matt-adams
And yeah. Whoever got here, send me a message, you can be my friend and I may give you some points, if I like your art.

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