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When you feel down, this is the only thing you need. Print on high-quality glossy paper, cut out the squares, shuffle, make a 6*6 square on the floor and start flipping, two cards at a time per one player in a round. Whoever gets two, takes the cards and can feel happy about saving an animal from being eaten by their opponent. This game has a Czech name, of which the official translation is not a bit sufficient.
The problem of pexeso is that it has been commercialized for few decades and obtaining a clean and simple version became quite a problem. 
I'd like to thank :iconsarush09:, who made a half of the animals,

And I know, this looks primitive, but it has a purpose. And I will be doing some more complex vectors, because it makes me calm. But this should be kept simple. And if you want a print-quality file, message me. 
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