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Me me meeee!
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Okay. I know it is selfish to draw oneself. But I kinda felt the urge to. The profile pictures on all the sites just felt boring and outdated and it is cool to have something that symbolizes me as well as something I have developing passion for.
This is also about the third male character face I have done in Manga style. And I know there is space for improvement but... Yay! My scar is on there :D

Also, note that this is a trace of a picture from my sketchbook, just like the previous drawing. I am just trying to get the sense of manga style shapes while using tablet. Because clearly, it is different than the stuff I used my poor tablet for. (Writing a lot of mathematical equations and stuff like that.)

Anyway. Sketch took me 40 minutes including coloring.

The digital drawing took about 60 minutes, because there was a lot of playing around with the colors. And cropping. And cleaning my already clean screen.
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