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GHOST IN THE SHELL: I would say that the Major is the most intimidating female, fictional character to me. Not only does she have the brawn, beauty, but the brains to back it all up!

Another warm up piece (finalizing my choice of style for inks/tone) for my new book.

Tools: Zebra nibs, Ink pens and Photoshop tone
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hah, looks sweet man :>
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I love this. I just started but I want to try to get to that level where I can draw the Major. Good work.
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Thank yooooou!!!
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Sexy kawaii warrior hehe
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Awesome work here
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Thanks! Going to be uploading some more this week!
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yesssssss. yesssssssssss.
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Nice split-second pause, perfect. I enjoy your style; clean, clear, not hyper-real or overly stylized, just good, clean comic action. Brilliant.
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Much thanks! I really do like drawing action scenes. It gives way to some really cool layout designs possibilities. Especially when the character can kick multiple butts in one scene!
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She has appropriately Taken Care of Business.
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Nice perspective!
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Thanks! I've finally come to a place where I'm having more fun with it.
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Totally awesome!!! Look the mix of grey tone techniques!
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I'm figuring out the look I want. I'm narrowing it down!
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And creating some awesome art in the process!
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Very cool, wow you did all of the inking. you have talent. Cheers
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Thank you. :)
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