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hey everyone its that time of the year again, so first off Happy holidays ( why do u say happy holidays u may ask. well its because i wanna be inclusive to everyone plus working fast food i had to say it). that and my parents are seperated and they dont celebrate the same holidays.

this is what i got so far for this years holidays:
in ipod touch and 50 buck ( from my dad and step mom) 
3 steam games (ASTRONEER, Town of Salem and Full Mojo Rampage) from my self :P
2 shirts ones not arriving untill january though. the shirt suport a twitcher by the name of crumps ( ) for finnal fantisy month ( he plays all the ff games in a row for 24/7 ( a few prerecordings inbetween so he cna rest)) ( again from my self)
and  a coffee mug to suport another twitcher i watch named Inspekt0r ( ) (ffrom my self)

i also got my mom, step dad, and my friend jarret a game on steam. so over all this has been a good holidays/ i hope urs was as good as mine, stay safe travelling home.

:iconskeletalvirus: SkeletalVirus is giving away 1 yr of core memebership check out the journal below to enter

If u haven't noticed some of my deviations are getting a redux. That is thanks mostly because of my sketchbook express app on my phone. There are 3 redux just added on the 8th of August and more is to come.
if u of someone u know does comishes or collabs with/for me. i an willing to pay money/points for it. msg me for more info if interested. 
Welp the day has created and passed again. I'm a year older, but I don't feel it. I went out to eat after I got 100 bucks for my bday. Also don't forget to tell :iconjarret91: happy birthday too.
Gonna be posting an updated/edited version of my fan fiction ( the new beginning) here soon as well as the next chapter of it (once it's done). I finnaly got the urge to write it one night and downloaded Microsoft word for my new phone so I could write it.
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Hey fellow Da memeberz just writing to wish everyone a happy forth of july, enjoy today and stay safe.
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as some have by now seen. i have been uploading more and more stuff. and it is thanks to my phone app called SketchBook Express. its a free app for phones that can use google play to get apps ie android phones. i have had no issues with it other then only being able to have 3 layers but oh well its a free app and im not gonna complain.

to get the app to here -->
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this is some if the things i use on DA

:iconnaviplz: :iconsaysplz: :iconyourpostplz: ( when its the others persons time to post in the rp)

thanks for the :+fav: ( when someone favs my stuff)

thanks for the :iconllama3dplz: ( when someone gives me a llama)

:iconnoproblemplz: ( in response to your thanks for llamas, favs ect)
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:star::bulletblue: comish/request/collab  :bulletblue::star:


Examples Of the Comish/Request/Collab/icons i have done so far

         Jarret91's neko request redux by matsuri2009  test avi for jarret91 by matsuri2009 
   colored naruto redux by matsuri2009 Collab with justZaz by matsuri2009



:star::bulletblue: Request that need to be finished/payed for :bulletblue::star:


Name:  hillygon :iconhillygon:
What you want: I Would you like to draw my Disney version of Celestia from "The Six Swans"?
Details: princess Celestia is 12 years old.
This is how Celestia looks like:  Disney's The Six Swans (2014) Celestia by Hillygon P.S No lips on Celestia's mouth since she is young.
Progress: line art finished, just need to color it, 

Name:  Juggalo-King :iconjuggalo-king:
What You Want: a drawing
Details:   my gaia avi plz ty
Progress: not started yet

Name: SarahShirabuki8000 :iconsarahshirabuki8000:
What you want: so, can I have him…
and her…
as a romantic couple?
For the pose, you can choose between:
Bullet; Green01 - Holding hands
Bullet; Green02 - Cuddling somewhere
Bullet; Green03 - Gaming/watching a movie
Bullet; Green04 - On a date
Bullet; Green05 - Kissing
Bullet; Green06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
Bullet; Green07 - Cosplaying
Bullet; Green08 - Shopping
Bullet; Green09 - Hanging out with friends
Bullet; Green10 - With animal ears
Bullet; Green11 - Wearing kigurumis
Bullet; Green12 - Making out
Bullet; Green13 - Eating icecream
Bullet; Green14 - Genderswapped
Bullet; Green15 - In a different clothing style (Visual Kei, gyaru, lolita, ect. )
Bullet; Green16 - During their morning ritual(s)
Bullet; Green17 - Spooning
Bullet; Green18 - Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex.)
Bullet; Green19 - In formal wear
Bullet; Green20 - Dancing
Bullet; Green21 - Cooking/baking
Bullet; Green22 - In battle, side-by-side
Bullet; Green23 - Arguing
Bullet; Green24 - Making up afterwards
Bullet; Green25 - Gazing into eachothers’ eyes
Bullet; Green26 - Getting married
Bullet; Green27 - On one of their birthdays
Bullet; Green28 - Doing something ridiculous
Bullet; Green29 - Doing something sweet
Bullet; Green30 - Doing something hot 
Progress: not started yet

dragonrider56 :icondragonrider56:
What u want: (request)drawing
Details: Its my rwby oc. I don't really have a description except he is simeler to Leon from ff8 in that he wears a black jacket and pants with combat boots and the logo on the back of the jacket is a dragon head wings and tail and he has brown eyes and hair but head is mostly covered by hood simeler to the AC hood built into his coat and his weapon is an axe/shotgun combination.
Progress: not started yet


:star::bulletblue: Completed Orders :bulletblue::star:

Name: cassyhattori63 :iconcassyhattori36:
What you want: collab/comish
Details: non chibi line art coloring 
Progress: Compleated! and posted --> emily ayame

Name:  velvet-masquerade :iconvelvet-masquerade:
What You Want: (commish) avatar
Details:   Something that says Velvet and then Masquerade. Maybe a purple fairy?
Progress: completed! and posted --> Velvet-masquerade's icon

Name:  Jarret91 :iconjarret91:
What You Want: (request)drawing
Details:   neko with a blue ears and tail please. 
Progress: completed! and posted -->Jarret91's neko request

Name:  dragonrider56 :icondragonrider56:
What You Want: (request)drawing
Details:   my MLP OC? hes a white pony with gold mane and tail and has a keyblade with wings on the sides and a halo above it as his cutie mark.
Progress: completed! and posted -->dragonrider56's mlp oc request. 

Name: IDCZazie :iconjustzaz: 
What You Want: (collab)
Details: color SaD 153: It's Okay, These Things Happen
by justZaz(just follow this, if only for hair and skin colors : 
the patch on her breast is the green/purple pattern thing in the reference. the button on her chest is darkish grey. you have freedom with the plush doll she's fixing.) 
Progress: completed! and posted --> justZaz's Comish


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This is the format i usually use for my Roleplay characters. if you wanna use it go head. oh and im still working on some things on these characters.

Name and picture:
Tattoos and Piercings:
Personality: (at lest 3 sentences)
Weaknesses: (must have one).
Weapons: (may have up to 4)
Skills: ( can have up to 5)
History: (at lest 3 sentences)


Name and picture: matsurinoha may michiyoku ( matsurinoha means festival of leaves, and michiyoku means method being skilled in ) but everyone just calls her may or matsuri
matsuri 2 by matsuri2009 or  Blue Eye Beauty by Porcelain-Nightmares
Age: between 16 and 25 depending on the rp 
Species: human
Built: 5'6"
Hair: dark brown
Tattoos and Piercings: other then her ears there is no other piercings.
Personality: she is happy when with friends and family, outgoing, friendly. she believes that every thing happens for a reason and that somethings you can change.she is impulsive and some times acts before she thinks things out.she is also assertive.
Weapons: it depends on the roleplay if she has any or not..
Likes: hanging out with friends, traveling, and reading.
Dislikes: rude and/or obnoxious people, people messing her hair up, Cigarettes, and extremely hot temperatures.
Secrets: she lost her mom and dad at an early age.
Skills: (depends on the rp if she uses these or not.)
chiyu (healing)~ heals allies when hurt in or after battle
teleportals~ she can summon portals to go to places she has already been to, or she can poof there with others (up the 3 people with her though a teleport but any more they have to use a portal ) ( may cause dizziness if there not use to it)
fire control~ can summon fire to aide her in battle ( it uses a lot of the users energy)
summoning~ she summons her pet kitsune no yuki to her when she is needed.
Weapons: scrolls, katana sword and shuriken
History: she works hard to hone her Abilities and become a good fighter. she lost her parents at the age of 10 and has be trying to find a reason for her parents death. she tries to out smart her opponent when possible.

still working on this one
Name and picture: emily ayame  Jarret91's neko request by matsuri2009
Age: 17
race: half demon
sexuality: straight
Built: 5' 7"
Eyes: green (but they glow red when shes angry)
Hair: curly blond hair
Tattoos and Piercings: 3 on her ears
Personality: shes normally easy going except when you do stupid things then she''l yell at you.
Weaknesses: her sence of smell.
Weapons: none
Likes: fish, chicken, 
Dislikes: vegetables
Skills: ( can have up to 5)
History: (at lest 3 sentences)

Name and picture: Hiroko Toshiko
Age: (depends on the rp)
race: human
sexuality: straight
Built: 6' 5"
Hair: blondish brown
Tattoos,Piercings, or markings: he has a tattoo on on his shoulder that is a skull with his initials on the forehead of the skull. (HT) and he has one earring in his left ear.
Personality: he is some times a smart ass. he can be cruel when angry. but some times he can be a sweet heart (just don't piss him off).
Weapons: it depends on the roleplay if he has any or not.
Likes: any food (except sushi)
Dislikes: peppy girls, cigars, traveling, sushi, and extremely cold temperatures.
Secrets: none right now
Skills: (depends on the rp is he uses these or not)
teleportals~ he can summon portals to go to places she has already been to, or she can poof there with others (up the 3 people with her though a teleport but any more they have to use a portal ) ( may cause dizziness if there not use to it)
earth control~ can control earth to aide them in battle (it uses alot of the users energy so they feel tired after wards)
History: he can control earth but has not perfect his new jutsu's yet, works hard to hone her Abilities. he tries to out last his opponent when there is a chance to.

Name and picture: kochihitsu hinaito aka kochi
Age: (depends on the rp)
race: demon
sexuality: (depends on the rp)
Built: 5'11"
Eyes: black
Hair: blue
Tattoos,Piercings, or markings: he has a scar on on his back from where a fire burned down his home and killed his family when he was young.
Personality: he is some times a smart ass
Weapons: it depends on the roleplay if he has any or not.
Likes: sushi, working out and playing sports.
Dislikes: pepy girls, large crowds, and when people pushes his buttons
Secrets:he has one family member still alive but hasn't been able to find him/her.
Skills: (depends on the rp is he uses these or not.
summoning~ he summons his pet keshi to him when he is needed.
fire control~ can summon fire to aide them in battle (it uses alot of the users energy so they feel tired after wards)
kagizume ~ makes his fingernails turn it to claws (activates when pissed off automatically)
History:  he travels around , when he was young he lost both his parents now he travels to make a living. he has one family member still alive but hasn't been able to find him/her.
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this is where we ( me and the person i rp with) left off in the rp

my rp with :icondemonninjatatsuko: ---> hada-azul: kochi kisses her deeply. " i can't do much right now but i promas when i feel better you'll get what you want" he says smiles.

my rp with :iconclayman0302: ---> hada-azul: matsuri wkake up and accidently hits him. " oops sorry " she says

my rp with :icondreamingvampire: ---> hada-azul: about 6 blocks later matsuri was attacked by a hodded figure.

my rp with :iconjarret91: --><matsuri2009> matsuri goes from store to store as shes running errands for the hokage and her self. once she was done getting the things the hokage had asked for she takes it to her. " here u go my lady" matsuri says as she walking in to lady tsunades office. " ahhh ur back" she says looking up from her paperwork. " thank u so much may" she says taking the items she asked matsuri to pick up for her. matsuri bows politely " its wasnt a problem lady tsunade i hope i found everything u asked for." lady Tsunade looks throught the bag. " yes everything is here and whats this a bottle of sake" matsuri giggles. " yep i though we could drink it later or something. the hokage smiles and nods'my rp with :iconjarret91: and :iconclayman0302: --> <matsuri2009>kakashi went in to his pouch. i have photos of the crime scene will that help?"
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Here is the rules for roleplaylegends, roleplaylegendsOOC, and writers paradice:

1. Follow Deviantart TOS
2. no godming!!(this only applys to roleplaylegends) have 3 warnings.1st warning: muted for 10 mins. 2nd warning: kicked and muted. 3rd warning: banned
4. keep cursing to a minimum please.
5. if you have problems post them in this journal entry -->
6. if you wanna talk go to roleplaylegendsOOC  or writersparadice (DO NOT CHAT IN ROLEPLAYLEGENDS)
7. please post in the chat a link to your charactesr EX: [link] (this only applys to roleplaylegends)
9. No spam. This includes icons (this includes rp requests and away messages), avatars and emoticons. (please don't use more than three in one post or too often.) Also, large thumbs are not allowed. Small emoticon thumbs only.
10. Do not promote your room, art or website. In short; no advertising. However, linking a prospective roleplay partner to a less crowded room is permitted.
11.6) Do not bold and use caps lock at the same time in the room and don't use bold in excess. Example ---> HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
12. no stretching the page. example---& HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (you will be warned)
13.Keep away messages clean, and short. You may be kicked if your away message is excessive. Also, please refrain from using profane or offensive away messages.
14.Members are NOT allowed to use the ignore command on mods. This will result in warning, kick or temporary to permanent ban if the problem persists. And vice versa, Mods are not allowed to ignore members or each other. Doing so will warrant a warning or even loss of rank. If you are two members, then by all means ignore each other. It can keep the drama out of the room.

*for mods only* 
if u are having issues with a player post it here
there username:
description of what happened ( 4 to 5 sentences plz):
hey guys and gals if you roleplayed with me before you know that i used roleplaylegends for both ooc chat and rping. well now i have a room just for ooc chating so when you roleplay join both Roleplaylegends and RoleplaylegendsOOC.
Honorifics: is a expression of respect or endearment. in the context of the anime/ manga, Honorifics give insight to nature of the relationship between two characters.

This is just some of the Honorfics you have problay seen me use in my rps, and many more:

-San: This is the most common Honorific, and is equivalent to Mrs., Mr., miss, or Ms. , is an all purpose Honorific and can be used in any situation where politeness is required.

-Sama: This is one higher then "-San." it is used to confer great respect.

-Dono: This comes from the word "tonto" which means is even higher then "-Sama" and confers the utmost respect.

-Kun: This is used at the end of boys names to express familiarity or endearment. it is also sometimes used by men among friends or when addressing someone younger or of lower station.

-Chan: This is used to express endearment , mostly girls. it is also used for little boys , pets, and even among lovers. it gives a sense of childish cuteness.

Bonzu: This is an informal way to refer to a boy, similar to "kid" or " squirt."

Sempai: This title suggests that the addressee is ones "senior" in a group, or organization. it is often used in a school setting, where underclassmen refer to there upperclassmen as "Sempai. " it can also be used in the work place, such as when a new employee addresses an employee who has seniority in the company.

Kahai: The opposite of "Sempai" and is used towards underclassmen or a new comer in the work place. it denotes the the addressee is of lower station.

Sensei: Litterly means " the one who has come before." this title is used for doctors, teachers, or masters of any profession or art.

- [blank]: Usually forgotten in these list, but perhaps the most significant difference between japanese and english. the lack of an Honorific means that the speaker has permission to address the person in a very intimate way, usually only family, spouses, or very close friends have this permission known as yobisute, it can be gratifying when someone who has earned the intimacy starts calling one by ones name without an Honorific. but when that intimacy hasn't been earned it can also be very insulting.

i got this out of the manga Tsubsa made by Clamp. Enjoy