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Brothers II

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope this year I will do more art and my DA will be updated more often. I still have many plans for the Silmarillion fanart.
And now Fingolfin, Finarfin and Feanor.
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(I don`t post all of my pictures on DA, only the best, so you may find more on my tumblr)
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Love your art! So detailed and stark.
demihime's avatar
What incredible detail in the clothing and hair~!
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Великолепный стиль, и невероятный дизайн одежды, просто и со вкусом. Особенно понравилась прическа у Феанаро, хотя нет трудно выделить что-то, всё понравилось Heart  
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I love your style! I love how they appear to be interacting with each other. Fingolfin looks like he's trying to make a point and Finarfin looks as though he's going to jump in and intervene if needed. It's beyond great.
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Красавцы! И у каждого виден характер.
P.S. С Днём Рожденья! Airborne 
MatsumotoSensei's avatar
Здорово, что получилось это передать :)
И спасибо за поздравление!^^
Again, I love the detail you have put into the clothes and the hair. The clothes are a bit on the opulent side of strictly speaking tasteful, but fashions have produced stranger and this was in Blessed Aman where I think the royalty had to go that extra mile out to be distinguishable from the common people. I like that Fëanor's are the simplest - he was the famous smith and long, flowing sleeves would have been a really bad idea in a smithy, I think. Even if he didn't risk ruining those with flying sparks, the style was probably to his liking; he could show he was doing something special that his brothers had no skill for.

(I still like Finarfin's clothes the best, though. Don't tell Fëanor.)

I really like the composition of the picture, two standing together and one apart, his body language hostile. The expressions are great too; Fingolfin is clearly making an earnest entreat, Finarfin wonders "why we even bother anymore" and Fëanor is SUSPICIOUS and HOSTILE. The drama queen that he was.
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It's so beautiful and Happy new year! :D
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Amazing as always!
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this pic is perfection <3
Maegarien's avatar
Very well done!
QuantumPhysica's avatar
This is SO gorgeously detailed! I just can't get over all the little details in their clothes and hair, it's like… whoa. *awed*
LittleFormosa's avatar
Beautiful, intricate details... HOW DO YOU DO IT?! OMG - Watch that 
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Wow! that is beautiful! I love the clotehs design with all the details =)
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Lovely work and good work with combining all the ornaments. :nod: 
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