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Atrabeth Finrod ah Andreth

Finrod and Andreth discuss Elves and Men race, life and death.
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can I use this in an article for twincitiesgeeks if I cite you
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i like your idea and composition, it really describes their conversation
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Great to see this scene illustrated.
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Thank you!
I wonder why it is not popular among the artists. It`s really interesting to draw.
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It's great to see your silmaril characters again^q^ This is one of my favorite scene and I love your version very much!! The contrast between mortal and immortal is very interesting.
MatsumotoSensei's avatar
I still try to draw more, but didn`t succeed in it :)
Thank you! It`s commission, so for me it was quite a challenge - to draw this scene and these characters. I didn`t even think about them before, but i like the result!
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Haha I tried to draw more too but all I have is a bunch of rough sketches :/
I'm glad you challenged yourself! I love this one a lot
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Это просто потрясающая иллюстрация к такому сложному произведению!  если бы оно издавалось отдельно, то можно делать обложкой.
Очень нравится стилизация и ваш символический язык, костюм постаревшей Андрет нравится.
Мои поздравления! :+fav:
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Спасибо огромное! Очень приятно такое слышать!
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I really like how you depict Andreth as a middle-aged women, for some of Andreth portraits I saw really had her too Elvishly fair and youthful. Despite being elven-wise and graceful, Andreth is but a mortal woman and I believe she is quite self-conscious of her ageing and how it affects her life and the Elven race's view of her.
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Thank you!
When Andreth talked with Finrod she was 48, so she can`t be young here, yes.

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Well, she said it herself... wondering why Aegnor couldn't take her while she "had a few good years left". She speaks about her youth in a past tense.
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Моя подруга рассматривает их исключительно как пейринг))
MatsumotoSensei's avatar
О, вот такого мне еще не встречалось!)
Lana90's avatar
Она ещё высчитывала, кто из персонажей по возрасту годится им в дети, но с датами не сложилось((
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Wonderful depiction!
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