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Sadness cosplay

By Matsu-Sotome
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An "Inside Out" movie cosplay already! Personally I am super pumped for that film and I am assuming the same of you. Gosh this is a great cosplay! Absolutely adorable and very expressive. A simpler costume, but you really bring the character to life with your expression and pose, that makes you out to be cowering and small as you look up at something scary. Especially with you hands and arms staying close to your body in order to better communicate discomfort and fear. Which in a lot of ways is sadness at its core. You are a wonder when it comes to body paint, and how evenly you distribute it on your exposed skin, it remains very consistent and correlate well with your wig. A wig which really brings out your eyes. Overall, I am enthralled with this costume and you have only made me more excited for this upcoming film!
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Would you mind telling me what you used for body paint? This is an incredible shade of blue and it doesn't look like it washed off easily...
I'm cosplaying Sadness while my sister is doing Joy and I wasn't sure about the blue part, but your cosplay is amazing and if I can achieve a nice blue like you, it might be worth the effort and hassle :)
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I'm used aqua make up. ))
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