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Wizard's Steps: Epic End

By Matsu-sensei
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I had two Derp Ends in mind, and settled on the Princess Fionna one. However, I liked the other one too much to discard, so I made it into another ending: the Epic End. (in all honesty, I hate that word for the most part, but it fit too well here)

This wasn't planned, but in a way, since the original "Good Realistic" idea was ditched, the Good End could take that role and this could take the "Good Unrealistic" title.

And if you don't get who Finn is, you haven't heard of Beard Finn. And here's an animated gif: [link]
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LOL I love this
DeathDealer808's avatar
Lol hahah I can't stop laughing
bentronicus's avatar
I believe this song belongs to this picture.…
Shadowwolf5400's avatar
*Dies of laughter once again*
Streled's avatar
Need an extra comic for the bedroom/honeymoon part.
Groundrunner100's avatar
This is a pretty good ending, I could do without the beard, and the panel where the girls are blushing about the butt.
GamerFreakGG4127's avatar
Finn's face kind of remind me of Pen's. 
antoinesprite65's avatar
why am i getting voices of Brian Blessed in my head every time i see adult Finn?
ArtSkullz's avatar
jasonthedarkwerewolf's avatar
This is really epic ending
tyty10mc's avatar
i like the good ending better :D
alhasanshaker's avatar
Oh man,this is the best ending.thanx
Zero-Shadowofthewolf's avatar
derpalicious39's avatar
I am so done. So done
Biotrain's avatar
O... (giggle) ... Kay?
fourgirls919's avatar
XD I'm dying of laughter, too bad Flame Princess can't get some
FuNKmaster78's avatar
Me:*Gets Camera*Jonghyun (shinee) Thiz iz EPICZ XD
venomeater369's avatar
Could've gone better without the beard.
KaykayTsutsu's avatar
Nah. Adult Finn is established to have a beard, even if this was posted 2 years before the season 5 episode Puhoy came out. Super prediction powers on the part of the artist, I guess.
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