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Dragon's Treasure

By Matsu-sensei
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So there was a request a while back for the Dragon’s Crown girls to be exaggerated even further.
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All over softness around..
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Look at all that thick meat!

Uh, I mean, this is exactly why this game is so oversexualized!
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I totaly love this image, its got everything...
Arkus0's avatar
I don't know which I love more; Boobs, Ass or Thighs
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I'm a thigh guy myself.
LazzyDawg17's avatar
Archer has Legs
Witch has Breast
Amazon has as-... "Glutes"
Gr33nTheMighty's avatar
Good use of squish factor. 
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The golden trifecta... :3
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Otherwise known as a BLT...I can't believe I just said that!
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That... that actually makes sense!

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Don't applaud my temporary willingness to treat these women like "pieces of meat" as it were, lol!
Ryujisama's avatar
But... but it was so perfect...! :happycry:
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It's just not something I normally find myself doing!
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It's cool that you like it though!
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This only proves that your mind is the only limit to female curves.
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Haha! XD The actual game seems one degree below this, to be fair. <XD
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thunder thighs!
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Mm, mm, dem proportions! I didn't think that these girls' (meaning the amazon and the sorceress) body sizes could be exaggerated any further, and you've clearly proven that wrong, good job! :thumbsup:

I really love the elf, though! :) I find it funny how she's the most proportionately-sound character out of the six. xD
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Nice! Very nice! :D
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Hitting all the kinks in our the right places. Anyways, brillant work.
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Buns, boobs, and thighs.
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wow they are hot
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hahaha. thats awesome. nice too see some art out there already for dragons crown. you plan on playing it? if you do we should play it together.
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