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Rogue patted Mitts on the back as he looked over his handiwork. One of his Chimera had gotten into a skiff with some Saber Shrews, which resulted in the perfect opportunity for the training healer and mid-wife to practice some stitching. 
"Very nicely done, Robert," Ro said proudly as he pat the tranquilized Chimera. The drugged beast let out a rumble of recognition, but it's eyes quickly rolled back into it's head as the drugs did their job. 
"Chimera hide is tougher than humans," Mitts said softly as he took a clean rag and wiped the stitched area off one last time before applying an ointment to help keep the area clean and numb. Ro nodded.
"Yes, but that makes it harder to stretch and stitch properly. You should be able to handle human and elf skin just fine," Ro spoke with a perky and encouraging tone as he started to clean up items from around his apprentice. Mitts wiped his hands on his robe and stood up, proud of himself. A moment of collecting his thoughts, and he soon started to help Ro clean up the area. The would want everything out of the way before the Chimera woke up. Chances would be that the beast would try to stand before it was ready, and that much falling force could easily break any of the medical equipment they had. The large man grabbed the last bit of the equipment and slipped out of the Chimera Stall just as the beast raised it's head unsteadily. 
"Just put that back on the cart, Robert. I will put it away," Ro said as he returned from one of the back rooms of the barn and leaned on the fence, observing the Chimera closely.
"Are you sure? I can help put it away, or watch to make sure he's alright," The former military man said warmly as he placed the remaining utensils on the wheeled cart that Ro used to transfer supplies from one stall to the next. 
"It's quite alright. You probably should get home to your Pregnant Gal," Ro turned and smiled broadly at the man. Mitts beamed happily. Riska was on her final two planned weeks of pregnancy, though everyone was starting to take bets if she would last much longer. The small woman looked so inflated, Mitts almost expected her to float away like a balloon. 
"Yeah, you are probably right," Mitts said calmly as he sighed. Slowly, he removed his robe and folded it onto the cart and bowed his head to Ro.
"Thank you, Rogue," He said warmly and sincerely. Rogue smiled and stood up tall.
"No reason to thank me, you know this," 
Mitts smiled fondly. It was the same routine every day.
"Remember, you can call me if you have any questions or complications with Riska," He added as Mitts started to turn to leave. The large man paused and looked back at his mentor, then beamed wildly. 
"If tonight is the night, I am sure you will know even if it goes smoothly," 
Ro laughed and nodded. He honestly expected as much. To help deliver others babies was one thing, but when it was your own partner and children, it was a totally different story. So, he expected a frantic call from his apprentice at any time. 
"Have a good night, Robert," Ro finally dismissed the former soldier again and turned his attentions to his groggy Chimera. 


"PomPom?" Mitts called as he entered the quiet house. He paused in the front room, listening for a response. Nothing. Not that he wasn't expecting as much. His guess was that the exhausted little Vargin was in the bedroom, curled up on the nesting furs and blankets she had piled together the week prior. Slowly, he wandered down the hallway and pushed the bedroom door open. Instantly he started smiling. Huddled like a tiny ball, Riska slept in the very center of her large pile of furs and blankets, a bright orange orb against the darker pelts. 
"Riska," He hummed softly. He could see the orange ball shift, and soon saw two ears perk up. A second later and the sleepy Vargin raised her head and yawned as she looked up at her human partner. Mitts stood quietly for a moment, watching his small partner's reactions to gauge how she was feeling before he bothered her much more. He could see noticeable tensing in her sides and occasionally wincing in her eyes and ears. 
"You're having contractions," He said softly as he stepped to the nest of furs and sank to his knees, then flopped onto his belly next to the foxy colored Vargin. Riska didn't respond, but instead stretched out onto her side and rested her head on Mitts' arm. Mitts sighed and pressed his nose into her furred head. She hadn't morphed out of her feral form now for almost three days, and he was starting to miss the 'normal' Riska. He sighed and adjusted so that he could wrap his arm around her smaller-than-normal furry form and hug her. Oh well. It would be worth it in the end, he knew that.


Mitts stood just outside of the bedroom, his phone on his ear, grinning slightly.
"No, she's fine. Don't think she even really wants me in there," The large man said to his mentor over the phone. 
"Some races have better instincts for such things," Rogue responded, his voice gentle and warm as he took Mitts' news happily, despite being woken up. Riska had started fussing and becoming uncomfortable at about midnight, and now, Two in the morning, Mitts stood in the doorway, monitoring but not helping her as she brought her pups into the world. 
"How large is the litter?" Ro asked as he yawned over the phone.
"Just one right now, But I don't think that's all," Mitts said with a slight sigh. He was a little frustrated that the small Vargin had chased him out. He wanted nothing more than to be at her side, but he knew that what she wanted, and what she was most comfortable with was what was best. If she needed him, she would ask him over. 
"Just be ready to assist, that is all you can do. And remember-"
"Hold on, Rogue," A whining sound from Riska snagged Mitts' attention quickly and he lowered the phone and moved into the room. Riska's ears were back slightly as she licked and prodded a second pup. It's fair white sides didn't move, and no sounds came from it's chest. 
Shit, Mitts thought to himself as he dropped to his knees and shoved his phone between his ear and shoulder. Quickly he snatched the pup from under Riska's nose, making her growl slightly, but then watch him with an intense gaze.
"Rogue, how do you stimulate breathing in something so small?" He asked. There was a moment of silence.
"Is there a heart beat?" Ro asked. Mitts wrapped his fingers around the small, lifeless pup and closed his eyes as he tried to feel any type of pulse or heartbeat. 
"N-no," He finally said. Rogue sighed.
"Tapping the chest and rubbing it's back, sides and chest may do something... But Robert," Before Ro had even gotten half way through his sentence, Mitts started tapping and rubbing the pup, trying to get it's small heart and lungs going. 
"Robert, if it was born without a heart beat, you probably won't get it going," Rogue said bluntly. It was a hard thing to hear, but it was the fact, especially in a race with such a sensitive pro-creation system. 
"I'll call you back," Mitts said without acknowledging Ro's statement. Rogue was probably right, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to try. The large man dropped his phone to the ground and leaned forward as he focused on trying to stimulate the pup's breathing. Riska watched him, her eyes bright, but also filled with concern. 

Mitts kept at it for what felt like an hour. He knew that it had only been a couple, tense minutes, but with his heart pounding as he desperately tried to revive the pup it seemed longer. His arms cramped up, but he kept at it. Using a infant nose-sucker, he double and triple checked the pup's airways. 
"Come on," He growled softly as he blew some air into the pup's nose. Out of the corner of his gaze, he could see Riska lower her head into her nesting furs, clearly exhausted, and curl her legs around her one wiggling pup. Mitts' throat burned wildly as his emotions flared. 
Come on, fucker, He thought to himself as he repeated his actions over and over again. Slowly, he started to lose his hope, and started to rub the pup a little less.
A soft grunt sounded and he perked up again. Riska's head rose from her nest and her ears perked forward as her golden eyes watched the pup. Mitts gently ran his fingers down the white-pelted pup's back. Another grunt came from the pup and it's head rocked slightly. A moment later and it stretched out one of it's legs and let out a louder, more determined squeak.
"That's it!" Mitts said happily but in a soft whisper as the pup slowly seemed to come to life before his eyes. Gradually, the pup's sounds grew louder and stronger, and it's motions became more absolute and less trembling. Mitts laughed happily, his heart skipping. Gently, he lifted the pup up to inspect it.
"You are such a little fighter, baby girl," Mitts hummed warmly as he kissed the top of her head. The little pup grunted and cried again, this time lifting her head up off of Mitts' palm as she did, only for a second, but enough to make Mitts smile warmly before gently putting her with her sibling. Mitts gently picked up the larger of the two. It's pelt was mostly dark, dusty steel grey with white toes. Gently he ran his hands over the dark pup's back, making it squeak and snort.
"Such a handsome boy. You take care of your sister now, you hear me?" He cradled the pup to his face and it leaned into him, welcoming his warmth and soon settling down in his hands. Mitts smiled happily as he put the small dark male back with Riska and his sister, then rocked back to sit normally on the floor. Almost instantly, tears started to dance down his cheek. He lowered his head, trying to hide his emotions from Riska, and quickly wiped his cheeks.
"Robbie?" Riska's voice was soft and weak, but Mitts lifted his head to see the small Foxy-Vargin watching him with a worried look. He smiled and wiggled closer to the Nest and adjusted himself to lay on his side next to her.
"Sorry," He apologized as he tried to straighten up his emotions.
"You shouldn't be sorry..." Riska pushed her canine head under his chin.
"I hope they are happy tears, though," She said as she let her head rest on his shoulder and her body relaxed again. Mitts leaned his head on hers and inhaled deeply. His gaze watched the two pups with wonder. He couldn't believe that those two pups would one day be two-legged kids, terrorizing the island. He had thought that he would have issues convincing himself that the pups were Children, but now that they were here, he felt an extreme amount of pride that he had never felt before. 
"Of course its happiness," The large man finally said as he ran his hand down Riska's pelted back. The small Vargin sighed happily.
"I think..." Riska spoke, her voice sleepy and growing more airy and light with each word.
"I already have their names," 
Mitts smiled and rubbed his nose on Riska's head.
"You going to give them traditional Vargin pup names, then adult names?" He asked. The small Vargin nodded.
"But I have them both picked out. So you don't get too confused," Her voice, though sleepy, took a teasing tone, making Mitts laugh and run his hands down her back again.
"Bitch," He crooned, making her laugh slightly. 
"You have to tell me now," A moment of silence had left Mitts in anticipation. Riska laughed again.
"Snowsight, for her," Riska hummed softly, his eyes heavy as she looked at the two pups. Mitts nodded as he rested his chin on her head. 
"And SnowMit for him," Mitts snorted and smiled.
"Because of his white toes," He said happily. Riska was quiet for a moment, then sighed happily and continued.
"I think she should be called Maxine," Mitts wrapped an arm around Riska's neck and hugged her tightly. 
"I think it's pretty," He said warmly. 
"And it will be spelled with one 'X' unlike her namesake," 
Mitts thought for a moment, then laughed.
"After Dayson?" He asked, making Riska nod and laugh.
"He is a good man, and your best friend. I thought... It fits," She responded. Mitts hugged her tighter.
"It's perfect," 
Riska laughed again as she adjusted herself into a more comfortable position.
"What about him?" Riska looked at the darker, Male pup for a moment.
"I want him named after his daddy," 
Mitts smiled. He knew that Riska and Mokota hadn't been on exactly good terms, but maybe she was over that now.
"I thought you wanted to keep that a secret? Won't people connect the two if he's called Mokota too?" Mitts asked. Riska laughed and shook her head.
"No. I want him named Robert Mitts Junior, dummy," She growled playfully and let out a heavy sigh as she slid her head from his shoulder and rested it on the thick nesting furs.
Mitts was speechless. 
"M-me?" He asked, his voice cracking slightly.
"You are their daddy, aren't you?" Riska said softly and muffled with her head still in the furs.
"Robbie, just because Mokota was the sperm donor, doesn't mean he's their father. You are already more of their father than anyone else could ever be," As she spoke she lifted her head and looked Mitts over. Mitts still didn't know what to say. He had made the decision to pose as the father of her pups kind of on a whim. He had decided to marry Riska, on a whim, just so she and the pups could live without the fear of never having all that they needed, even if something happened to him. Nothing had been planned. None of it had been out of love for each other. Not originally. Mitts inhaled deeply as Riska lowered her head again and he buried his nose into her fur.
"I love you, PomPom," He said warmly. Riska's tail tip twitched slightly in a half attempt at a wag. They had jokingly said those words to each other before, but never seriously. Now, she could hear the pure tone, the admiration and seriousness in the large man's voice. 
"I.... Love you too, Robbie," She hummed as she leaned into him more and closed her eyes. She didn't want to sleep. All she wanted to do was watch her new babies and cuddle into Mitts, but sleep was becoming too hard to ignore. With another heavy sigh, she gave in and was soon drifting off. 
WOO! Riska's first litter!! She will be having another one about 1 year after this, but it will seem like less because I am trying to get my timeline moving so I can revamp Fayley whoops

Robert Mitts is the best man ever, just sayin.
Riska Fury  Is the cutest thing ever too. 

Babies refs coming soon <3
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