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cass by Matsie917 cass by Matsie917
This is cassie
She is a girl (human at the time) with and unknown age last name or origin. She was found on the side of the road by a police officer, Cassie did not remember anything about herself except for her name. The police officer helped Cassie try and find out things about her but not much information was found. For a place to live she was sent to a foster home where she met a werewolf girl named Aroura they became very good friend. Both Cassie and Aroura went to a high school where they met a lot of new people like a guy named Matt. Cassie and Matt grew close and started to date after being good friends for a long time.
One day Cassie was hanging out with Aroura but then some man attacked them for no reason. They tried to fight him but when fighting Cassie seemed to gain some sort of power and was able to stop the man (example power: teleportation, somoning weapons, bursts of energy, and to heal those who have fallen).
(skipping to many years later) Cassie is continuously attached by this evil man. Who one day manages to get the upper hand on her a finds a was to stop her from preventing him from succeeding. He find a way to get rid of her power so she is nothing but a human, but then the man goes after a close friend of Cassie and she gets mad and gains as much power as she possibly can turning herself into a very powerful werewolf.

(I know this is not written well and is all over the place but it is the best way I could describe this story in s somewhat short answer)
vividsk Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the story sounds intriguing and the drawing looks nice ^.^
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