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Fanart - Twokinds

By Mats
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Some fanart for

It'd look nice if I didnt screw the whole bloody thing up
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Phaing's avatar
They don't look so amine there.... and it does not hurt them one single little bit!
I really want to see more of them in love scenes now that the artwork in the comic has become so sophisticated.
TonyLoaf's avatar
Wow you managed to do something that I didn't even think was possible. You changed Flora from cute and cuddly to one sexy tiger while still managing to get down similarities, dude, niiiiiiiiice;) (Wink) 
MiningForDegus's avatar
That is..
wow that is...
oh god I think I'm gonna melt if I stay any longer
Whaaat  Look where his left hand is Grey Kitten-Lmfao friendly 
Dretzor's avatar
not bad at all... thats very reality-look-like image it is but i guess Tom is still better to draw Flora & Trace :P
no shit sherlock, tom is the creator, of corse he's better at it
gotta-love-furries's avatar
Nice work! This is one of my favorite fanarts!
ZombieDrink's avatar
You did an incredible job on this.
wow, great piece of work my friend, good job!!!
this new flora is really nicely done
spacdud's avatar
Oh F*** it! (Clicks on fav)
spacdud's avatar
I'd so add this to fav if my mum didn't always look through my stuff =/
mrapocolypz's avatar
OMG its a MANLY Trace!
didnt think id ever see that...
sonfox1992's avatar
HA! Trace WISHES he was that buff.
xxXfishbonesXxx's avatar
Looks pretty damn good to me.
GumbyDarnit's avatar
One dam good piece of work!
Twilightwolf4's avatar, Trace has been working out
Paradur187's avatar
It's beautiful, dude! I especially love the lighting, it's so bright and almost shojo-ey. :clap: :+fav:

Honestly, the only thing I think you messed up on was that you didn't make the little blue sticky-uppy part of Trace's hair big enough. :D
TonyLoaf's avatar
Then it wouldn't look as sexy, it's perfect
JohnTheCat1's avatar
I don't konw what you are talking about! This artwork looks great! Awesome! :clap:

I love how you drew Flora's face! Looks amazing! Instant Fav!:hug:
OMG trace legacy has been workin out
Lustitia's avatar
looks awesome. though i expected trace to be less muscular xD
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