Am I The Only Person That Actually Hates Zootopia?
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Everywhere I look, it's nothing but positive reviews from critics and viewers alike giving nothing but praise to the film.

Meanwhile, every time I see one of these comments, it gives me a second of internal rage. 

I don't know what I'm missing, but from what I saw, Zootopia was a film about two cleverly written main characters, in an incredibly detailed setting, that slowly makes me lose my sanity as it keeps introducing new characters that end up never getting explained, most giving two or three lines maximum, give no significance to the plot, and then you never see them in the movie ever again. Then, after Disney reveals its predictable plot twist for the villain, whom has no ambition, no motive, no backstory, and absolutely no character other than a stereotype, the story resolves the conflict in no less than five minutes through the use of a comical device that had already been used twice before in the film.

So please DeviantART. Tell me exactly what I'm missing about this masterpiece of a film. 

Cause to me, this movie is Disney Animation Studio's worst theatrical film since Chicken Little, and Disney Productions' worst since Strange Magic.
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TheBisexualYoshiHobbyist General Artist
And I disagree with literally everything you said
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I didn't like it either.
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
I actually love Zootopia, but I respect your opinion. And as much as I love Bellwether, I too am bothered by how plot twist villains are being used with no deeper motives, background story, or further development for their reasons behind their actions. It is really bothersome when a nice character turns villainous in an instant just because the plot demands it to throw in a point and to force in that "wolf in sheep's clothing" catch phrase. Why would it be unnecessary to give a real meaning instead of just making us think it's all about money and power, as usual which is overused and tiring? It's not unnecessary if it prevents a villain from feeling more like a "forced" villain because it's demanded and it's not convincing enough to base this all on ONLY Lionheart. It's weak and lazy, just like Hans felt too forced to be a true villain. I can't believe some would not be bothered by this, but assume she is just born that way when nobody is born power hungry and prejudice for no reason. It just doesn't suit Bellwether to be the type in being prejudice for no reason other than money and power. There has to be more to it. I just hate the idea of adding in politics just to get the point across. Someone else should have been the villain.
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SharpRealmProfessional Traditional Artist
YO your not alone this movie is not bad per say but its not the greatest disney films ever made like every body is saying and thats what i dont like!  it bugs me a little and pluse im worried its going to have 50 sequels lol witch i know it well.
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TeenChampionStudent Filmographer
"Then, after Disney reveals its predictable plot twist for the villain, whom has no ambition, no motive, no backstory, and absolutely no character other than a stereotype"

I would completely disagree with this? She was treated like crap in her position, which is presented on screen for a majority of the film. She also wanted to be supreme, wanting more rights than that of the predators. It was a symbol of how some people are so corrupt in society; to the point where they'd prefer power of others, as opposed to being equal amongst others.

I can respect why you don't like the film, but I highly disagree that the villian had no ambition or motive.
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First off, of course you're not the only one who hates Zootopia. Second of all, there are certain reasons why this film has gotten so much praise. 1: The humor appeals to a lot of people    2: The morals and events that happen in this story resonates with what's happening in the world today (prejudices against certain groups, for example)   3: The actual villain was a prey-supremacist, and wanted to make all predators suffer, which was the motive.   4: It's generally well-written.

Thirdly, most people never really judge characters based on their screentime only. Characters can speak two or three lines and still be memorable (a.k.a sloths, Clawhauser). The two main characters were developed the most, but there were so many others that gave the general audience a bunch of humorous, and memorable moments.

If you really do hate this film SO MUCH, just get off of anyone who posts it, and try to forget it. 
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MatrVincentHobbyist Digital Artist
1) I mean, yeah, I figured I wasn't. I just have yet to see anyone who really shares my opinion. 

2a) Don't get me wrong, the humor in the film was great. Despite how much the scene was shown in promos, Flash's reaction to Nick's joke always gets me :P

2b) Never said there was anything wrong with that. It's absolutely fine if the writers did that. 

2c) But why? Why did the villain have this hatred for predators? What was the reason that pushed the character over the edge? It just bothers me that this is never explained, and because of it, the character goes through a massive character change simply because the story demanded it. 

2d) Generally, yes. The movie has a great first half. I just feel it falls apart in the second...

3) I don't know. I guess something that's bothering me about this is that this is Disney's sorta way of saying "Hey! We have so much money, we can hire all of these well-known celebrities to voice three lines! Were you looking forward to seeing them in the movie? Too bad!"

For me, it just seems like incentive for audiences to see the movie if they recognize all these big names in the movie, when in reality, most of them don't even do anything in the film. I'm not saying all of the characters in the film needed to have some kind of development to be relevant to the movie. At the very least, give the damn villain some development instead of shoving the plot twist down our throats. 

And that's also another thing that's bothering me. It kinda bugs me that when the side characters ever got their screen time, they were really only there for comedic reasons. Clawhauser was there to poke fun at the policeman stereotype, the sloths were there to poke fun at the DMV. Judy's family was there just to be awkward and protective, and, in the second half, unintentionally continue the plot through a gag. And I suppose these moments were humorous, but that's all they were supposed to be in reality. They were just there to get some quick laughs out of the audience. Personally to me, the movie didn't give any time for any of the characters to give any memorable moments. 

Finally, I don't go around responding to everyone's positive review with a negative comment, and it's kinda hard to forget when you're reminded of the movie every day due to its success and, well, it being an animated Disney movie and all. It's just my personal opinion of the film, and if you don't agree with it, that's totally fine.
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1: Just search "Why I hate Zootopia", or read the negative reviews on Metacritic. I'm sure there are a few there. 

2c: I'm not sure if many of the audience members actually had a problem with that. Sure, the execution may have been off, but I think the "why" and "what" part to the antagonist was a bit unnecessary. Again, the main points of the movie were to tackle prejudices, stereotypes, and fear-mongering, and not really the "why" they have these prejudices. While it may have been better executed if they included the "why" and "what" for the villain to do all of these things, you don't necessarily have to put these in to make a good film. There are people out there that just simply don't care for certain groups of people, and there's no "revenge" or "avenge" in their own pasts.

3: I think the majority of the audience has many memorable moments with these characters. The sloths, for example, had a long, hilarious scene at the DMV, which made them memorable. Clawhauser had moments where the audience either finds it hilarious, or sad, which made him memorable. Perhaps it was too short for you, but for the majority of the audience, it made them quite memorable. Or, maybe you were focusing on the stereotypes that they possessed, and not focusing on what they actually gave in the film. 

Finally, I think you can forget it. Turn off the computer, don't talk about it with your friends etc. 
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
The Nostalgia Critic doesn't find it unnecessary for adding in WHY, WHERE, and WHAT when it comes to how Disney twist villains are used to the point of being underdeveloped, so there is no excuse for that, or forcing in a last minute villain without a real reason why. That's what leaves them underrated and uninteresting afterward because of the lack of background, development, screen time, and giving a REAL reason why they do what they do instead of one lousy detail just to make a point, especially when not everyone wants to have politics involved in family movies. Saying she hates them for no reason or that she only got the job as assistant mayor to gain power is bogus because there is no proof in that, and everything we see still doesn't change the fact that leaving out her backstory, bigger reasons, and real motivations is weak just because the plot demands it.
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Hmmm... Im yet 2 wadge id...
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speedyartanimeStudent General Artist
Idk, I guess different expectations from different standpoints:

Person 1 (regular who just wants to enjoy a movie)

Person 2 (someone who digs deep into the movie)

I like to think that ZooTopia is more of a movie to bring friends to have fun than really go deep...

Just sayin
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Nina-NintyRoboHobbyist Filmographer
Well honestly it's matter of opinion. I dunno if this is right to say but MAYBE you're looking into it a little too much. A lot of people, including myself, love the movie, and we have our reasons, and you have very valid points as to why you hate it (although I feel hate is a little bit too strong). I really don't know what you don't see really, all that matters is its your opinion.
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ScienceStorm7995Hobbyist Digital Artist
Idk. I haven't watched the movie yet. 
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