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Wow, this picture is very well made, I have to say. What really stuns me about this is the amount of detail put into this. Just... look...

I really don't know what to think of all these critiques. The ones that I did see either gave a 5-star rating in a sense of irony, or a...

You know, I wouldn't mind having this couple be a real thing. I believe that they are both very friendly and caring towards other peopl...

At first glance, it seems like a normal picture of a Clock crying (and yes, I know that this Clock is a "robot"). However, when you rea...


MatrVincent's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey guys! MatrVincent here, and welcome to my DeviantART page!



I am a 19 year old male who creates digital fan art for the Object Show Community, a community of fans of the genre of giving life to characters that just so happen to be objects. Some artwork you'll see will be fanart of object shows in the community, such as Battle for Dream Island, Inanimate Insanity, and more! Other artwork will be of mine or other people's original characters (OCs) in certain situations in a way to develop their character more.

I am most known on the internet for my web series on my YouTube account, titled "BFDI Survivor", a crossover of the concept of the reality TV show "Survivor", with the characters from the Battle for Dream Island series. The most viewed episode garnered over 950,000 views, and since then, I have been all the more inspired to give the community content, whatever form it may be in.

The stories I create through my artwork mostly give off a "feel good" vibe. I try to make my pictures in a simplistic manner so that it is appealing to the eye, but add somewhat of a spin to it so that it doesn't necessarily copy other people's work. In a few adjectives, I'd describe my artwork as cute, friendly, comedic, and relatable.

My goal for the future is to enter a job where I can inspire other people with the stories I tell, written, in picture, or if the opportunity even presents itself, animated.

I prefer animated shows over live-action, as I much more prefer the simplicity of what's on screen. The animated shows I enjoy the most strongly inspire my artwork. I enjoy shows that have rather cute animation, with relatable and enjoyable characters, but isn't afraid to turn dark when it needs to be, but only when it needs to make a point or make a character more relatable. I find forced darkness in a show simply to have a darker side to a show to be quite unappealing. If you wanna see what shows I'm into, check out my IMDb below!

I really want to start working on my YouTube channel again, I really do. I've just found it hard to find that motivation to back-up that inspiration. So, to answer some of your potential questions; I'm not doing a camp soon, I'm not doing a series soon, AoE is on hiatus, TSS is on hiatus, good game.
Just because I don't make content as often as I used to doesn't mean that I haven't abandoned this community. I still ask myself on a weekly basis, sometimes multiple days, "What if I created this?" The trouble with that dials down to three things: holding on too much to the past, letting my present get away from me, and fear of where my future is. 


After everything that happened with BFDI Survivor and II Survivor, with the Inanimate Insanity T-Shirt contest and Banana, with waliugifreak789 (Ni Hao Guylan)'s Battle for Space Palace, only to let things slip through my fingers, how could I ever let go of the impact from the things that I did for the community? I wouldn't be the person I am today had it not been this community. I keep thinking about what people think of me; am I a has-been? Am I just in over my head? Do people think that the popularity went to my head? And finally, do people think all I'm good for is creating drama and controversy now?


Honestly, I'm not busy with anything, I'm just so unmotivated and scared that I don't do anything with myself most of the time. Yet I don't find myself making anything for the community because of how disconnected I find myself. It's hard to get a routine going when you've been out of the fray for so long (the only productive thing I'm doing is getting out of the house and playing Pokémon Go. Dead game for dead people but not really)

On the other hand, that doesn't mean I don't try to do things for the community. Truth be told, that Seasonal Skirmish series I went on about? I think about that series every single day, no lie. I had, and still have, so many ideas for the series that all of which I was never able to write down. They're all crammed in my head and I keep thinking about the series over and over because I know just how much potential it could have to be greater than BFDI Survivor. It has the potential, I think, to even change the community.

Recently, I also got back into sketching, and I've begun sketching the characters from The Seasonal Skirmish. I'm hoping that this leads somewhere and brings out my better self.

All in all, I'm still trying to find myself, and with that comes a lot of frustration. Some of you might have seen me lash out that frustration accidentally on a number of occasions, and I hope you all realize that making drama and intentionally being a jerk is not what's going on. Behind the words that I post in comments or conversation are feelings far deeper than meets the eye. 


I'm 18 years old now. I'm victim to a free health care system that I'm forced to wait on for months for even a glimmer of help. I'm now into adulthood and I'm still stuck in 2012. My education is facing numerous forms of unknowns and the only thing I stand for is who I used to be, and the person I wanna get back. There's no one else I'd wanna be, and it sucks because without that person, I'm nothing. 

This Seasonal Skirmish series, there's no way I'm not doing it. One way or another, I will create this idea, put all my passions into it, and show the world that I'm more than the person I think others see me as. All I need is opportunity. With opportunity comes the motivation to press onward. With motivation comes passion and energy, and with that brings creativity back. This is much more than just an object show. This is who I am, and I want to show this community and more just who I am. I wanna show myself who I am. Even if others have to bare with me and help bring out that side of me, even if they have to pester me to be creative, even if it brings me to frustration levels where I'm certain to pop a fuse, I would carry that weight if it meant I got myself back. 

What I'm looking for is opportunities to be creative. That could extend out to my artwork here, or even helping others with their creative ideas. Whatever it takes, I'm game for it, and I hope you all can stick with me through this journey and help me become a better person, so that I can in turn bring out the best in others. If you've stuck it out and read all of this, thank you so much for sticking with me, even though I might've stained your shirt there. Yeah, like... yeah right there. You've almost got it, just... a little m-- do you want me to get a towel for you? It's--- it's right there, just get it already... 

Journal History


Forget the Breakfast Club picture, sorry. I did everything I could, it just won't work out. 
Bad News: I'm not gonna upload a picture this week
Good News: There will be two pictures next week
Greater News: One of them will be done tomorrow
Greatest News: It's another piece of fan art based on The Breakfast Club
The Hero We Don't Deserve
But the one we so, so very need right now. 

I promised to dedicate myself to at least one upload per week. It is currently 11:38 PM on Saturday. IT COUNTS!

That being said, this picture was a little rushed. If I had more time, and a little more heart (it's a process, people), I could've put more care into the art. But I'm satisfied with how it turned out and it still surprised me what I was able to do. 

EDIT: Fixed overlooked flaws made from late additions
Part of a commitment to post regularly, at least once per week. I'm back for good, baby! (And I swear to David I mean it this time)

This was created with the help of Paint 3D, along with my usual Photoshop Elements 10.

Taco Marionette Picture:


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