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The Testosterone Herd


THIS NEARLY KILLED ME. It was a better idea in my head and after I lined and colored 8 horses I just turned into the laziest bum with the shading and background. XD

These are my 8 Auru stallions, all running together like a bunch of doofs. We have Esmond and King in the front being the leaders, with Kiddo following right on their heels because he wants to be the leader too. Behind them is Richie being harassed by Angel, who is ironically not much of an angel, followed by Freddy and Riley who are minding their own business like good lil boys. And bringing up the rear is Ginger who just wants to be included but is too clumsy to pull off galloping next to another horse without bumping into them!

References I used:
Friesian 4
bay akhal-teke stallion 7
black friesian horse 2
palomino akhal-teke 1

All art & characters © MatrixPotato
Breed © Cat-Orb
Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
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Aaah! This is gorgeous!:love:
I've always wanted to do a collection work of my horses as well, but all the work scares me off, lol
You actually managed to pull it off! Bravo!
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Thank you! cx It took such a long time OTL I totally halfassed the bg and the shading but I DID IT
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you have real beautiful stallys there!
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Thank you! cx They were all designed by Cat-Orb!
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Ah, lovely work! :D
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