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DotW Aethelynda *DECEASED*


Lyn is official deceased. To read the corresponding RP of her death, click the link: DotW RP: No Apologies:iconmatrixpotato:
It seemed for a moment that life was going alright. With the end of the war, the wolves of Chandor were beginning to relax. The forest was serene as winter approached and all was calm. However, that was until Lyn realized Mason was missing. At first, she thought it might have just been that he had wandered off and was exploring the territory, much like she did when she was young. As the weeks passed without any sight or sound from the young male and Lyn could no longer go on telling herself that he was merely exploring. He had vanished without a trace and the happiness she felt was now replaced with anxiety and fear. Where had he gone? Had he been taken or did he leave of his own accord?
Gregor tried to console her that some males left on their own without a word, and she knew that this was true. Nonetheless, this did not soothe her soul and she couldn't sit back and wait or wonder anymore. She made sure her remaining children were aware of the situation and she and

Name: Aethelynda [A-the-lin-duh]
Nickname: Lyn (prefers this as it's easier to pronounce/not as formal)
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Height: 32"
Weight: 100 lbs
Build: Lean, muscular, feminine (though quite tomboy-ish and a bit scruffy)

Territory: Chandor
Rank: Alpha
     Parents: Gregor (father), Chandra (mother, deceased)
     Siblings: TBA
     Mate: Rowan
     Children: Tamarack (adopted daughter), Reed (son), Nadia (daughter), Mason (son), Juniper (son)
     Other: Boone (nephew), Piper (niece)

Because of past events, Lyn has become quite the hermit. She tends to stick to herself- or her very few close friends –and is pretty awkward around strangers and even her own pack mates sometimes. Her charismatic skill isn't nonexistant, but she still has a way to go. Making friends isn't the easiest task for her, but she can manage as long as the potential friend in question is willing and patient with her. She hates big crowds and enjoys the quietness of being alone out in the woods.

Something passed down from her father, Lyn is rather stubborn. It’ll take a lot to persuade her into something (some even say it’s impossible) and she will almost always fight or argue against anything that doesn’t go along with what she believes, thinks, or feels. This can sometimes be her biggest flaw and may cause her to lose relationships.

Another trait gained from her father, Lyn has one of the shortest fuses you will ever see. If you piss her off or get on her bad side, be ready for an explosion, because it takes a great effort for her to hold back when she gets upset- even if it’s with someone who’s just as hot headed as she is.

Even as an alpha now, Lyn still very much loves to explore, which is why she has voluntarily taken the position of head-scout once again. She won't run away, though now that she's able to do as she wishes, she'll venture from the border sometimes, but will always return.

Although she’s adventurous, Lyn has a fierce sense of loyalty to the ones she cares about. She will never leave without notice if she fears that something may happen to them while she’s gone. She will always think of her loved ones before herself and try and make sure the decisions she makes are what's right for everyone, not just herself.

When she does have friends, Lyn is pretty amiable with them. Sometimes she can be a little awkward and get tongue tied, but otherwise she’s like her old self most of the time with the ones she cares about.

Due to horrific past experiences, Lyn is terribly frightened. She hides it well, but deep down she’s a huge coward who would rather run away with her tail between her legs (although her short fuse causes her to forget about that). She’s afraid of the future, she’s afraid of her own life, and most of all she’s afraid of death.

Lyn may have moments of rashness and trouble with her anger, but overall she has learned that being gentle and seeking to understand those she cares about is wiser and more important than letting her emotions get the better of her. She still struggles but she now actively strives to become better.

Pre-group History: Lyn was born in late spring, along with her three other siblings. They weren’t Chandra and Gregor’s first litter, so they were treated with a little less enthusiasm than the last bunch. Nonetheless, they were given just as much love and care, especially from Chandra. Gregor was never openly caring, although he did show his love in his own ways. 

As she grew, it was obvious that Lyn would be a lively hunter one day. She was always pouncing and practicing her stalking maneuvers on her siblings or the pup-sitters. Chandra was especially pleased, because she was the head of the hunting party. She would often tell Lyn stories of her past hunts and what types of animal she’d eaten. All the while, Lyn listened carefully and was mesmerized by how skilled her mother was.

At six months, the litter was ready for their first hunt under the watchful eye of their mother and the rest of the hunting party. Lyn was especially excited and rearing to be out in the field beside Chandra. It went smoothly in the beginning; they were quick to find a herd of elk. There were many young calves and some older females for them to go after. As Lyn watched, Chandra danced around the buck to make it run with its herd, so the party would have a chance to nab a weaker victim.

The beast didn’t run as was expected, but instead turned on Chandra. Lyn’s heart sank as she watched the bucks antlers pierce into her mother’s chest. In an instant, it was over. The herd had moved away and Chandra lay motionless in the field. The hunting party gathered around her, but Lyn stood where she was, frozen and too afraid to face the reality of what she had just seen. Regardless of whether she could bare it or not, her mother was dead.

For month’s afterword, the pack mourned Chandra. Many of Lyn’s siblings had begun to disband and leave the pack, unable to cope. Lyn stayed and instead sought out her father for comfort, but Gregor was too consumed by his own grief. He distanced himself from the pack, and Lyn felt that he distanced himself from her more than anyone else. She began to resent him and with no one else to turn to, she withdrew inward. With her siblings gone, she felt she had missed her chance to go as well. She had no one to leave with and had lost her safety net. So, she stayed.

Months passed and Lyn grew from juvenile to young adult. Her relationship with her father was never mended and some say it may have even gotten worse. The fears from the day of her mother’s death keep her from fulfilling her true potential and instead, she sought out a safe task as a scout, too cautious to pursue anything else. The only thing she looks forward to now is a new beginning, somewhere else.

Many moons later, an encounter with another elk and a flashback at her past caused Lyn to rethink her choices. Had she been the cause of she and her father's broken relationship? Her desire to escape Kausen dimmed, though did not completely vanish. She spent many nights mulling over the years spent fighting and resenting her father, revisiting the day her mother died only to realize that she had thrown out blames where there was none to blame. Maturity suddenly slammed into her and she apologized to Gregor- albeit nervously and quite awkwardly. However, she still keeps her desire to leave Kausen a secret from him.

After gathering a enough followers to safely leave Kausen, Lyn finally gains the courage to speak to her father about her want to start a new life elsewhere. It goes well, and she soon finds herself in her new home- but the price of being alpha might be more than she bargained for. Because she has no mate or a sibling to share the burden with, her stress level rises and she finds herself in need of someone who she can trust.

Other: She has her mother's eyes. She sounds like Jen Taylor (voice of Cortana from Halo).

Group History: Joined Domain of the Wolf (+2 bones for joining).
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Lyn recruits Suteki (+1 bone May)
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Gypsee & Crash visit Chandor (+1 bone July)
Phen joins Chandor (+1 bone July)
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Lyn the Werewolf (+2 bones Oct)
Family Matters (+2 bones Dec)

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