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  • Chandor is meant to be a close tight-knit family; treat it that way. Get to know your pack mates, not only because it’s required of you, but to show that you care and are willing to be a part of the family. Who knows, you might even find someone who shares a common history or interest with you!

  • There have been an unusually high number of trespassers in the last few months. Although most of them may not have been hostile, take care when patrolling. Take another Uncle with you and together do your best to thoroughly patrol and keep the borders safe of any trespassers. Remember to always be on guard but always make hostility a last resort.
  • Uncles are meant to be the strongest wolves in the pack. Sharpen up on your skills by sparring with another Uncle or some other strong members of Chandor.
  • Although it is the duty of the Uncles to protect the pack, other members should also be versed in the ways of combat. Take a student or pupil under your wing and show them the ropes! Maybe they will someday become an Uncle as well.

  • No matter what season, stomachs will always grow hungry. Ask around to be sure that no one is going without food while they’re busy with their own tasks. If they are, take an order and grab them a snack!
  • Taking down large prey can be difficult bye oneself. Recruit a partner or a hunting party and take down a kill that will be sufficient for the whole pack.

  • As a messenger who must roam the territory often, make sure that you’re well versed in the many twists and turns of Chandor. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the landmarks and the easiest paths to and from them.
  • Although Brothers are messengers for wolves in Chandor, they are also tasked with sending and receiving messages from other packs. To do this, you must be acquainted with the other packs. Travel- with permission –into the other packs and get to know some of the wolves so you can begin to network.

  • A Sisters job is to maintain the physical well-being of Chandor members- but sometimes Sisters have ailments of their own. Assess yourself and make sure that you’re taking care of yourself as well as you’re taking care of your patients.
  • As a Sister, you might sometimes find yourself without any patients to tend to or herbs to gather. When this happens, take the time to tidy up the territory. Go around and maintain the cleanliness of the dens and make sure they’re sanitary for any pups, elders, pregnant females, or anyone else that may need assistance in the future.

  • Sometimes being in a family is a tough situation; everyone knows each other’s secrets. Be on guard for hostility between pack mates. If you see discord, do your best to diffuse the tension and make things right. Remember, a house divided against itself cannot stand.
  • Taking care of the sanity of a large group can be tiresome; take a day off and do what you love with some friends or just by yourself so that you can stay sane as well!

  • As a Grandfather, your main task is to know all there is to know about…well, everything! Find out the lore of all the different packs and the lands in which they live as well as the different cultures that each pack lives by. How long have these packs lived there? How have their cultures changed over the years?
  • Every once and a while there will be times in which the younger generation of the pack grows curious. It is your job to satisfy their queries with your knowledge and maybe even tell them a story or two.
Chandor Pack Information Page
Chandor and its members:
The loner life is not for every wolf, but, neither is pack life. None know this better than Chandor's Alpha, Aethelynda, although she prefers you call her Lyn. When founding her pack, Lyn sought to make a safe haven for those wolves who didn't quite have a place in life, much like herself. Therefore, Chandor is a family, not a pack. To its members, Chandor’s number one priority is peace and inclusion. They will not hesitate to punish, but would rather solve problems in a manner of respect and understanding.
Chandor and outsiders:
Chandor seaks overall sanctuary from the past and tranquility for the future. An outsider seeking such sanctuary is handled with a caring eye. Although, they’re still cautious to outsiders. However, confrontations should be handled peaceably; hostility is a last resort.
Chandor culture:
Chandor has a unique culture. Like most wolf packs, they do not worship deities. However, they che

These are the task prompts for Chandor! These are not mandatory and in fact are here merely to give you an idea of what to do when you're lacking any. :) They will change and update as the pack grows and evolves, and more plots emerge. If you would like to learn how to gain a task in Chandor, please see the Bones Info Page under the subtitle "Pack Bones".

Current Ranks:



Rowan (Cousin)

Magpie (Brother), Navindru (Brother), Jaci (Sister), Tamarack (Sister), Artemis (Aunt), Rummy (Sister)

Skye, Johnathan, Vanden, Davis, Enzo, Fitu, Derevenski, Eyota, Grendel, Myna, Marceline, Caliban

Graham, Payton

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