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Just a reminder!! That my commissions are !!OPEN!!

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 For more info just click click click!
Hi! Me and nephrosoupp made some nice adopts!! I would be really glad if you could look them and maybe perhaps buy one!!
adoptsers {open 1/4} by nephrosoupp
as in tittle!!! my new account is :iconcrvdd: and from now on i'm going to post ponies only there!!
like i said!!! im opening point commissions for ponies, yaay

PC: Pearl by matrioshkka PC: Serpentinite Witch by matrioshkka PC: Lilih by matrioshkka Alba 2/2 by matrioshkka AT: Pacynka by matrioshkka
the price is New 350Points New


1. you pay me after i send you the sketch and everything is ok
2. i have a right to decline your commission, simply for not feeling the character or something
3. just please be nice im doing full art for 3.50$
yeah!!! wohooo!! please buy something it's not like im crying!!!!
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stream in wich i fight for freedom. (finishing commissions)
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Commissions are open again! Most of the info is under those two pics, but if you have any questions - comment here! If you want to commission me, note me!
o wow

1) Post the rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

o wow

tagged by venom--snake for Marmolada

Mature Content

uh oh by matrioshkka

1. Has a blog, where she literally writes that she's dead lol, but everyone thinks that's some kind of metaphor
2. Has a sister - Dżem
3. Some nasty man chopped her head off, she lives, because Dżem.... resurrected her (Dżem also ate that man later)
4. She's getting very tired after most of the activities :0 <s>lazy ass</s>
5. Eats human flesh, basically a zombie
6. Really sad zombie (i only draw her when im sad :c)
7. She can only giggle. And it's a cute giggle.
8. OK she talks with her sister by telepathy.

tagged by Bzybzycze AND prince-no for Valeria/Vijaya

vijaya by matrioshkka

1. She's from India!
2. Undead princess (ppl killed her, but welp, mom resurrected her).
3. Can turn into a dragon (mom has to help tbh).
4. Dances really well.
5. And sings even better.
6. Has...secret girlfriend.
7. (maybe later, nothing comes to my mind)
8. (maybe later, nothing comes to my mind)

tagged by Kukenn for Anwar <s>the cow</s>

[PnR] Bal by matrioshkka

1. Vijaya's mom
2. Undead queen.
3. Really powerful, she could kill her entire kingdom only to resurrect all of them.
4. ...But it took her like 200 years to do so.
5. She's in her early 40s.
6. She was killed, because her politics were harsh.
7. (maybe later, nothing comes to my mind)
8. (maybe later, nothing comes to my mind)

tagged by VRWS for Snowflake Obsidian
Gem OC: Snowflake Obsidian by matrioshkka
(ewwww old ref)
1. DO NOT touch her, she will attack you. No affection. Nope.
2. She's ultra distrustful, everyone around her is lying, she has to do everything by herself.
3. She doesn't have a weapon, that things on her hands are related to her ability.
4. If everything else will fail, she will bite you, literally.
5. IF, one day, she will be feeling safe around someone, she will be overprotective.
6. Lives alone in some kindergarten ruins.
7. (maybe later, nothing comes to my mind)
8. (maybe later, nothing comes to my mind)

I tag no one because i don't know who to tag!!!! if you want to do it feel tagged!!!!
making commissionsss
tagged by :iconkukenn: (zupełnie nie wiem po co, przeciez to wiesz juz)
Rules are: Tag 8 ppl you want to know better! fuck the rules

Name: Barbara

Star Sign: Pisces

Average hours of sleep: 5/6, something like this

Lucky number: 7/4

Last thing I googled: deception disgraaceeeeeee

Favorite Fiction Character: ???? idk, i like egg Solas from Dragon Age: Inquisition

What are you wearing right now: black turtleneck, jeans and christmas socks <3

When did you start this blog: 3 years ago i guess??? lol

Amount of followers: 456 :0 wow

What do I post?: my lazy ass drawings (headshots)

Do I run anymore blogs?: tumblr ---> aaand i do have fb, but it's only in polish :v kek

Do I get a lot of comments: haha what i guess.....sometimes......

Why did I choose this URL?: the story with my nick is SUPER LAME basically i was listening to Matryoshka (you know, VOCALOIDS) and i wanted to name myself like that on some kind of forum, but someone already had matryoshka and matrioshka soo

im not tagging, im just lazy and dont want to think "who i want to tag" you feel me
Chibi commissions (paypal)BLURGH
things like this one are for 5$ and i am open for maybe 5 slots 
better quality
Britney Spears Biting Nails 

so, apparently, i was tagged by lilanero ?? wow

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars.

✿ Mei ✿
green by matrioshkka
1. She likes dinosaurs, sharks, plants AND cats
2. Owns 3 cats, each one named after some kind of ruler (don't judge)
3. She's smol (153-154cm)
4. Likes green tea!
5. Her balcony is a lil jungle
6. Reads books often (most of them are about biology kek)
7. Originaly she's from China, now living....somewhere. (England probably)
8. Nervous around ppl she...well, likes :^) (also around stragers too, so you never know)

idk my oc's aren't that interesting haha
(also sorry for mistakes i KNOW that they're here)

SO i tag:
Emil - :iconkukenn: Hyun - :iconderpydrag0n: Valerie - :iconpearlchelle: Ophelia - :iconponurygrajek:
Alicja - :iconlilanero: Nike - :iconvrws: Donar - :iconszaris: Ryluss - :icontntkl:

AND :iconfamouspenguin: WITH ALL HER OCS
of course only if you want guys!!! haha you can just ignore me whatever
Guuuys! I've opened my commissions, so if anyone's interested - just note me!
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Prices aren't high so i hope someone will buy a pic :^) pleaseineedmoney
you know guys
if anyone wants to make fusion with gems....
just ask ;^)
IF ANYONE knows how to make them (you know, fish ears, like for undyne) i'll be SUPER HAPPY BECAUSE THIS IS IMPORTANT
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you see that?
go commission her
yeah as said in tittle...... i just want to know.............if anyone's................interested...............................or something..........................................................
chciałabym wszem i wobec oznajmić, że tak, będę!!!!!!!!! jakby ktoś chciał popłakać nad tym jak bardzo zniszczyłam mu zeszyt to nie bój nic
pewnie będę przy Kukennie ciągle, o
i just feel tired and i dont want to draw and i hate drawing and break lol